Friday, October 14, 2016

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

go with the flow....

"sea love, be love"

i have been painting my heart out here in my studio.  gathering inspiration from the beautiful sea that i work hard to protect, and from the many experiences and memories i have stored in my heart.  this collection is called, "sea love, be love" and is filled with many layers, mantras, intentions, prayers and lots of different mediums throughout the intuitive process of painting these pieces.  my heart is full and hopeful that we will all be drawn to the ocean and protect it in any way we can.  there is so much to do and together, we can make it happen.  

10% of proceeds from each painting sold and each class i teach in 2016 goes to "homes of hope india".  

"follow the current"

"ebb and flow"


the underpainting..... and just one of the many layers to this painting.....

"rising tide"

Thursday, April 28, 2016

In Full Bloom 
with Misty Mawn

Hello!  Just a quick post to make an announcement!  My dear friend Misty Mawn will be coming to Topsail Island (45 minutes north of Wilmington) North Carolina.  If you have ever taken a class in person or online with Misty, you know what a wonderful teacher she is.  She gives and shares more in her classes than you can imagine!  Please check it out and join us if you are able.  Space is limited.

Arrival .jpg

Follow this link for all the info.  A welcome email will be sent out as soon as you register with accommodation recommendations.  :)

Topsail Island is a beautiful, 26 mile long barrier island just north of Wilmington, NC.  There is a lot to do there and it is a turtle sanctuary and home of the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital which is open for tours every afternoon 12-4 except Wednesday and Sunday.  So, in addition to a beautiful, creative workshop with Misty, you will also have an opportunity to sit back and relax on the beach after class and enjoy the salt air!
Vegetarian lunch will be served both days!, along with healthy drink and snack options.
Please feel free to message me with any questions!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

heART work

Honor where you are.

Lately, I have settled in to more of a routine, a rhythm that is the heART work I need.  Transitions have occurred that have been big lessons of the heart, lessons I needed to learn to move forward.  
Yoga and art are a huge part of this transformation.  Practicing at Wilmington Yoga Center is inspiring and motivating. In January, I was in class and the instructor, Kristin Cooper Gulak was talking about the Kunga work they do with "Homes of Hope India".  They literally build orphanages!   At that moment, I decided that this year, my giving would go there.  I am donating 10% of all earnings from my art sold and classes I teach in 2016 to Homes of Hope India.  My heart is wide open.  Knowing that I can make even the smallest difference in the lives of these children makes me happy.  

Currently, these works are on display at Lovey's Natural Foods Market and Cafe in Wilmington.  

"Keeper of the Sea"

During my work at the Karen Beasley Turtle Hospital, I learned even more about all of the dangers that our beloved, endangered sea turtles are faced with.  From ghost gear, (floating discarded fishing line and gear), to plastics and balloons, boat propellers, and of course, their natural predators.  It was an honor to help care for these beautiful creatures and help get them to the point where they could be released back into their natural habitat.  This painting has layers and layers of writing and paint as I intuitively painted a self portrait and a portrait of all of the beautiful "keepers of the sea".  

"Be Kind to ALL Living Creatures"

This intuitive painting was inspired by Rachael Hart and her great love for these beautiful creatures.  She has had first hand experience with these gentle loves and the photos she shared inspired me to create this painting and spread the word to be kind to all living creatures.  The treatment of elephants and of other animals is tragic.  This is a message to be love.  Everywhere, to everyone, every day.  Rachael Hart is an inspiration.

"Be Love" mandala, and "Dreaming of Clean oceans where all beings are safe, loved and free"
This is a print that I had made form an original painting that was donated to "Hope from Helen" in December for their annual fundraiser and auction.  
Prints available in all sizes.

"Pods of Life"
Flowing and ever changing, colorful pods that we all are.  I believe in embracing the human spirit and all of the differences and unique qualities we have.  We are all human and we can learn love from each other.  Spread love, and listen to the messenger of peace.

"Be Love" and "We are all Connected"

"Be Love" is sold.  "We are all Connected" is my version of a mandala.  We are all connected and all human.  This is a mandala of peace and love.

"Meditate- Be Love"

Growing and emerging and meditating.  Honoring ourselves just where we are we will find peace.  I was recently in a yoga class with Noelle and one of the yogis said her mantra during meditation is "patient, calm, acceptance".  I immediately held on to that and continue to use that as my mantra as well.  It can mean different things to all of us, but the message is clear.  Acceptance is key, no matter what we are going through or those we love are going through!

"Dreaming of Clean Oceans"
This is another painting inspired by the lovely humans who work at the turtle hospital and especially in honor of Jean Beasley, whose work and dedication to the turtles and their well being is exceptional and inspiring.  This painting was done after a release at Topsail.  Just knowing the turtles were going back to their natural habitat and that I had helped just a tiny bit along with many others was great feeling.  If you ever have a chance to witness a release, do it!  You will be filled with emotion and gratitude.  Prayers for all of these turtles and for all sea creatures to be safe.

"Love Birds" 
This painting was painted on my anniversary last February. (20 years).
Intuitively this came onto the canvas and serves as a reminder of my beautiful life and relationship with my best friend.  

Love's Natural Foods Market and Cafe

The Wilmington Art Association is have a show April 8th weekend (my birthday!!),  at the Hannah Block Community Arts Center.  These two pieces will be on display during the show.



I have been teaching more in my home studio, "heART Space".
Private classes available in addition to group classes. 
I currently have a group of lovely women in my "Visual Journal Exploration" class.  We are having fun with different journal prompts and with exploring all of the many ways to work in a visual journal.  We began the class by making a handmade journal to work in throughout the workshop, and we meet once a month for 7 months.  This class will be offered at the Cameron Art Museum, (Museum School) this summer. (June 25-26)

Visual journaling, what it means to me........
When we trust our internal voice and let go of expectations, we open ourselves up to a world of creativity, and certainty exploding with endless possibilities and knowledge.
The practice of visual journaling enables us to acquire insight and understanding of the creative process through raw, honest, vulnerable truth, which is in essence, captured on our pages.  A constant element of change occurs as we move through the ebb and flow of our lives, and our visual journal offers us a safe and sacred space to explore, unfurl and bring forth change in our world.  My are journaling practice has been a vital part of my daily routine for many years; one I depend on to save me, from my own self at times, and to savor the freedom to explore in an uninhibited way through expression with words, color, paint, collage, ephemera, mixed media, papers, and mark making tools. The sky is the limit where no rules apply.  Remnants of memories and emotions spill onto the pages, assisting in letting go, being in the present moment, and moving forward. 


"Bookfest" - coming this summer, (July 30-31) to the Museum School.  I will teach a workshop this summer making simple books.  All of these books are made without coptic binding.  Participants will take home a variety of little books to work in and learn some mixed media / visual journaling techniques during the workshop. 

"Giving Bowls and Gelli Prints" April 30-May1
I am excited to teach a collaborative workshop with Kirah Van Sickle at the Museum School in April! 
We will have a weekend filled with creative fun, making lots of gelli prints with the master, and making a "giving bowl" to cover with the gelli prints.
These bowls make the best gift as they are covered in layers of beautiful papers and you can write love letters/ intentions/ mantras, to the recipient.  They are for giving or for keeping, and are lovely and meaningful. 
  Interested in this class?  Sign up HERE!

Leslie Marsh is coming to my studio September 3-4.  She is well known for her beautiful and unique hand made books.  We will create a beautiful book with eco-dyed pages!  Please join us if you can. Sign up HERE

I am super excited for my friend Angelic and the soon to be grand opening of her beautiful new space, "Her Bohemian Way" in Snead's Ferry NC.  Please check out her website and all of the amazing things she will have going on in her space.  In a beautiful setting on the water in Snead's Ferry, she will have classes and workshops, yoga, crystals, jewelry, art, music and much more.  I will be teaching a Chakra Wall Hanging Workshop there Saturday, June 11. 

ALSO: stay tuned.  One of my very favorite artists and friend will be here in JUNE!!!!!!  Details coming soon. (you're gonna love it). xx 



Keeping it clean, one kayak trip at a time.
A few weeks ago, a team of volunteers from Plastic Ocean Project, headed over to the spoil island just South of the Surf City Bridge to do a cleanup.  We ended up with over 50 pounds of trash in just 15 minutes.  This kind of litter poses a huge problem for our creeks and waterways and eventually the ocean.  Much of what we pick up has been blown to, or washed up on the island.  We are currently working on organizing and encouraging everyone to organize your own cleanups to help keep plastics and debris out of our oceans and waterways.  Please contact me if you would like more information about organizing cleanups!

yes, we found a perfectly good motor cycle helmet.....

Recently I have noticed much more litter on the 5 mile loop I call home. Middle Sound Loop is surrounded by marsh, wetlands, creeks and the intracoastal waterway.  After reaching out to area neighbors and residents, I organized a community cleanup.  Students from UNCW POP did a presentation about how litter affects our oceans and marine life at Ogden Elementary School prior to the cleanup, and we encouraged students and their families to join us.  The cleanup was a huge success as the community came together and collectively removed over 700 pounds of trash and debris from the loop.  A huge thank you to all who participated. 

"Ocean Friendly Establishments"
Plastic Ocean Project teamed up with Wrightsville Beach Keep it Clean and Surfrider, Cape Fear Chapter to start a campaign in hopes of reducing the use of straws in area restaurants.  I designed a certificate that all participants can proudly display in their restaurant or business.  We have had a tremendous response and have certified many restaurants and even an acupuncture business as "Ocean Friendly"  Follow us on Facebook, and check our website for a list of Ocean Friendly Establishments.  Please support these restaurants when you are in Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach.  Blockade Runner East Ocean Front Dining was the first to sign up!

"Individually, we are one drop.  TOGETHER, we are an OCEAN".