Wednesday, June 24, 2015

art journaling "play-shop" coming soon

art journaling "play-shop" 
covering the fundamentals and benefits of art journaling....

who wants to play?  
join me for an art journaling "play-shop" on 
 saturday, august 15, 10-4 

i am going to do things a little differently this time.  (a tiny bit more structured), maybe!
for those who haven't done art journaling before AND for the seasoned art journalist, i will cover the fundamentals of art journaling, and, what i believe to be essential for beginning the art journaling process.  i will offer prompts, talk about composition and ideas for pages, and demo a page from start to finish.  we will play with collage and different techniques throughout the day.   during class i will have my art journals available to look in and ask questions about the process of any of the pages.  as usual, i will have some goodies to share with all of my students :)
this "play-shop" will be in my home studio in wilmington, nc.  message me to register and i will give you all the details and directions.

a bag lunch (fridge and microwave in studio)... i will have water and tea
your art journal OR a pad of mixed media paper (size is up to you, but i like 8 x 10 or larger)
some acrylic paints (your favorite brand and colors)
black and white gesso
a few paint brushes
gel medium (i use blick acrylic gel medium, golden soft gel matte medium and liquitex)
collage elements
a few photos and copies of photos
pens, pencils and artists crayons (if you have them)
a stabilo pencil if you have one ( i will have some for purchase)

here are a few of my more recent journal pages.......

"spread love, be love"

 "think hard.... you will remember"

"thinking of stars"

"a mother's love is like no other"

"you are my sweetest love"

"if not me then who"
(a quote for

"just as i knew it would be"

"everything we see, do, hear, feel and say is all connected"

lacie has designed a collage to sell to raise money for her nyc trip!
message me if you are interested in a one of a kind, collaged new york skyline painting on 12x24 canvas for $25.00.

happy summer and "be love"


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  2. love these pages kim I will be there do I still need to email you

  3. Kim, can you make prints of your POP painting and sell them? I would love one. (I would take the original if it is available) Love all the art pieces and Lacie's too!!! Did she sell it? If not, I want it!!!!

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