Friday, May 8, 2015



i need water.  not only to drink.  but to swim in.  water is the buoyancy of my soul.  i was born a water girl soaking up the salt air and the ions in the salt marsh since i can remember.  walking through the creeks in search of little signs of clams and other mussels keep me content.  keep me going.  this is where i find the most peace.  if i am to be alone anywhere, this is where i want to be.  i am rooted deep in the waters and creeks, where the egrets sit so still waiting for the tiniest silver fish.  and the osprey swoop overhead calling out to their young, scanning the waters for much awaited meals.  the salt air sustains me.  rooted deep within me, a yearning for this world that is ever changing.  the quiet and peaceful sound of the salt marsh.  i float on the memories of my childhood.  the camping trips with my family.  the vague memory of watching my mom play badminton  on the beach strand.  my dad waking me in the night to go out gigging for flounder.  it’s all there in my memory and in my heart.  i’m grounded by the sea and the salt air.  roaming and searching for treasures.  i have so many treasures.  i know them all by heart.  where and when i found the angel wings after pleading to my mom to show me a sign that she was still near me.  i don't need photos.  the memories are tattooed on my heart.