Friday, January 23, 2015

class canceled

embrace the journey~

hello everyone.  i want to thank you for the interest in my online class.  after much thought and consideration, i have canceled the class.  i spent a week working on the class.....videos, class content, uploading pdf's that i had written out and sketched for each lesson, recipes, photos, editing , ..... you get the picture, and i realized that this is not the time for me to be doing this.  i've wanted to do an online class for some time now, and realize that maybe this isn't what i'm meant to do.  i LOVE to take online classes and have taken a few from my favorite artists and friends..... (misty, judy, tracy)...  they inspire to the point that i thought, hey, i should do this too!  well, it's not for me (at the moment) with my two beautiful girls in homeschool high school, my husband traveling less, my animals, bees, chickens, dog, cats and horse....all the things i love were kind of being put on the back burner.  lets just say, i was consumed with making the class one perfect little online class ....
i canceled the class and now am back to my sweet reality, embracing each moment, watching the sunrise and taking the time to do what i love.....with the people i love. 
so, again i thank you all for the sharing, the support, the great feedback, the sign ups... i hope to see you sometime in one of my (in person) classes! i truly enjoy teaching and will continue to focus on teaching across north carolina and wherever else that takes me! 
so, embrace everything!  take time to see the sun rise, to make art, to do anything that brings you joy and happiness.  and above what you do~ do what you love!