Wednesday, June 24, 2015

art journaling "play-shop" coming soon

art journaling "play-shop" 
covering the fundamentals and benefits of art journaling....

who wants to play?  
join me for an art journaling "play-shop" on 
 saturday, august 15, 10-4 

i am going to do things a little differently this time.  (a tiny bit more structured), maybe!
for those who haven't done art journaling before AND for the seasoned art journalist, i will cover the fundamentals of art journaling, and, what i believe to be essential for beginning the art journaling process.  i will offer prompts, talk about composition and ideas for pages, and demo a page from start to finish.  we will play with collage and different techniques throughout the day.   during class i will have my art journals available to look in and ask questions about the process of any of the pages.  as usual, i will have some goodies to share with all of my students :)
this "play-shop" will be in my home studio in wilmington, nc.  message me to register and i will give you all the details and directions.

a bag lunch (fridge and microwave in studio)... i will have water and tea
your art journal OR a pad of mixed media paper (size is up to you, but i like 8 x 10 or larger)
some acrylic paints (your favorite brand and colors)
black and white gesso
a few paint brushes
gel medium (i use blick acrylic gel medium, golden soft gel matte medium and liquitex)
collage elements
a few photos and copies of photos
pens, pencils and artists crayons (if you have them)
a stabilo pencil if you have one ( i will have some for purchase)

here are a few of my more recent journal pages.......

"spread love, be love"

 "think hard.... you will remember"

"thinking of stars"

"a mother's love is like no other"

"you are my sweetest love"

"if not me then who"
(a quote for

"just as i knew it would be"

"everything we see, do, hear, feel and say is all connected"

lacie has designed a collage to sell to raise money for her nyc trip!
message me if you are interested in a one of a kind, collaged new york skyline painting on 12x24 canvas for $25.00.

happy summer and "be love"

Friday, May 8, 2015



i need water.  not only to drink.  but to swim in.  water is the buoyancy of my soul.  i was born a water girl soaking up the salt air and the ions in the salt marsh since i can remember.  walking through the creeks in search of little signs of clams and other mussels keep me content.  keep me going.  this is where i find the most peace.  if i am to be alone anywhere, this is where i want to be.  i am rooted deep in the waters and creeks, where the egrets sit so still waiting for the tiniest silver fish.  and the osprey swoop overhead calling out to their young, scanning the waters for much awaited meals.  the salt air sustains me.  rooted deep within me, a yearning for this world that is ever changing.  the quiet and peaceful sound of the salt marsh.  i float on the memories of my childhood.  the camping trips with my family.  the vague memory of watching my mom play badminton  on the beach strand.  my dad waking me in the night to go out gigging for flounder.  it’s all there in my memory and in my heart.  i’m grounded by the sea and the salt air.  roaming and searching for treasures.  i have so many treasures.  i know them all by heart.  where and when i found the angel wings after pleading to my mom to show me a sign that she was still near me.  i don't need photos.  the memories are tattooed on my heart. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

spring is here.... time to make some art! (and jewelry)

i'm excited to let you know about a few fun things coming up over the next few months.... 

i will be teaching again at random arts in saluda nc, april 18-19. we will make a plaster covered art journal and fill the pages with some fun art journaling/ collage techniques.  this class is for all levels.  random arts is located in a beautiful mountain town close to hendersonville and asheville. it's a sweet little spot in the heart of saluda, where we will have fun in the studio, and you can shop for your art supplies and really cool clothes and vintage finds.... jane has it all!!!   please join us if you can!  you can register by calling jane (828-749-1165)..... or by emailing her (

plaster covered art journal

adding texture to your journal....

filling the pages with your own stories and ideas using learned techniques.....

just a little sampling of what will be happening in the studio there. the book is made using a combination of components and hand stitching with a simple coptic stitch binding.  hope you will join us!

more news......

ALSO!!.......... i'm happy to announce that my friend NINA BAGLEY, will be returning to wilmington, nc to my studio to teach a workshop on may 2-3.  you will find all of the details here!
we will have lots of fun with nina here in my studio! 
you can read more about my studio HERE..... 
hope you will join us for this fun workshop.... it's already starting to fill up, so sign up now if you are interested!

AND as if that weren't enough, i hope you will stay tuned, as i have a couple of awesome artists who i'm ironing out details with and will let you know soon of even more fun workshops to attend!  

i will teach a week long art journal/ collage class in june 8-12 at the cameron art museum.
we will go over lots of different journaling , collage, mixed media and painting techniques to personalize your art journal.  info. on this class can be found here. (scroll down to june 8-12)

and here's a little peek at my recent trip to NYC.... a city that i just love and took my youngest daughter for her 16th birthday.  she will attend the NY film academy summer program in july, so we went to check that out and also take in a broadway show and ending up seeing SO SO much on our visit.  :)

the beautiful view from the top of the empire state building

a little lunch on the stairs of the metropolitan museum of art :)

freedom tower in the distance...

a beautiful tribute to john lennon... yoko ono donated 1 million dollars to this installment.

this is the view from the lounge at the NY film academy.... 

we are looking forward to going back in july !

please contact me if you have any interest or questions about upcoming workshops...

be love~

LOVE is what we all need :)

Monday, February 9, 2015

hearts and wings

embracing the journey

growing up, we called these angel wings.....
signs.  everywhere. i . look. 
i see you, mom
you are everywhere

in the hearts in the clouds, and the birds flying through, i see you there.....

you are everywhere.... color in the sky, wings flying by.....
i see you there.
and everywhere you are, there is love.

Friday, January 23, 2015

class canceled

embrace the journey~

hello everyone.  i want to thank you for the interest in my online class.  after much thought and consideration, i have canceled the class.  i spent a week working on the class.....videos, class content, uploading pdf's that i had written out and sketched for each lesson, recipes, photos, editing , ..... you get the picture, and i realized that this is not the time for me to be doing this.  i've wanted to do an online class for some time now, and realize that maybe this isn't what i'm meant to do.  i LOVE to take online classes and have taken a few from my favorite artists and friends..... (misty, judy, tracy)...  they inspire to the point that i thought, hey, i should do this too!  well, it's not for me (at the moment) with my two beautiful girls in homeschool high school, my husband traveling less, my animals, bees, chickens, dog, cats and horse....all the things i love were kind of being put on the back burner.  lets just say, i was consumed with making the class one perfect little online class ....
i canceled the class and now am back to my sweet reality, embracing each moment, watching the sunrise and taking the time to do what i love.....with the people i love. 
so, again i thank you all for the sharing, the support, the great feedback, the sign ups... i hope to see you sometime in one of my (in person) classes! i truly enjoy teaching and will continue to focus on teaching across north carolina and wherever else that takes me! 
so, embrace everything!  take time to see the sun rise, to make art, to do anything that brings you joy and happiness.  and above what you do~ do what you love!