Wednesday, December 24, 2014

remembering 2014....cultivating mindfulness for 2015

with 2014 coming to a close, i'm reflecting on the year with a great big heart.  so many awesome things happened this year.....we've made lots of memories and have much to look forward to in 2015.

photo taken by nina bagley~
heading to masonboro island

trip to pacific northwest with my sweet family~

coming up on 20 years in february with this awesome human


my sweet friend, misty mawn is hosting another online workshop in 2015.  i haven't missed one yet, and can't wait for the next one! join in on the fun, you will be happy you did!
this is how i always start my new's so inspiring to start the year with misty....she is such a giving teacher, sharing so much of herself and her knowledge in her online courses.  she is equally awesome in person....a dear friend, who inspires and sparks creativity and love~ 

carolyn , misty and me at random arts in saluda nc~ 


i'm excited to be teaching again at random arts, in saluda, nc in april of 2015.  we will make a beautiful plaster covered art journal and fill the pages with some fun collage and journaling techniques.  more info. about this class coming soon! mark your calendar for april 18 and 19 and join us if you can! it's a beautiful destination and random arts is a fun studio with a shop full of art supplies, gifts, ephemera, unique finds, clothing, vintage finds and more! jane does a great job keeping it interesting and fun...there's something for everyone!


tracy verdugo   will also be hosting another online workshop!  she is full of inspiration and COLOR!!   she shares so much with the students and is always there to offer suggestions and critique in the online community.  check out her class and join in!



"once we are still and listening, we will hear many of the earth's secrets"

"love birds"

"NYC skyline, painted by my daughter Lacie after our trip to New York!


i will be teaching january 10 and 11 at the museum school in the CAMERON ART MUSEUM!
if you are anywhere near wilmington, nc, join us!  we will make an art journal and fill the pages with explosion journal page ideas and collage and art journaling techniques.  it will be a fun class for all levels.  
"collage play with explosion journal pages"


i recently took this photo while my husband and i were enjoying a little boat ride around the spoil islands~ 
it evokes peace and understanding......we are all one, together in this little world...depending on each other for support and kindness.  not all things work out the way we might imagine, but that's okay too; we can go on with kindness in our hearts and send love to everyone who needs it.  there is a fine line between giving too much or not enough.  finding the balance is key....nurturing your own soul, finding peace and setting boundaries is the ultimate goal~ knowing when to let go....knowing when to hold on. 
wishing you all the happiest of new years, filled with lots of whatever you need to fill you up~ 
find truth, evolve, and be love.