Monday, November 24, 2014

everything has a purpose....and a re-purpose~

in the midst of the holiday chaos soon approaching, i'm finding ways to be mindful, stay in the moment, and give meaningful, sustainable gifts.  mostly, i like to make my own gifts....whether it be food, art or jewelry, i find that it's the homemade/ handmade gifts that tend to be most appreciated  and definitely more meaningful.  december 2nd i will be hosting an art play gathering in my heARTspace studio.... getting together with like minded kindreds to create all kinds of gift wrap, packaging, and small gifts by re-purposing things we have around the house or in the recycle bin.
i will share lots of ideas for sustainable gifts and ways to re-use/ re-purpose well as my recipes for laundry detergent, cleaning supplies and tips on buying bulk to avoid using plastic!
if you're in the wilmington area, email me for the

chocolate bar wrapper with hand carved stamp from foam board
(great for giving money to the nieces and nephews instead of buying money holder cards)

old used book, repurposed and used as an art journal.

another used book, altered cover and using the same hand made stamp from foam board

thanks for the (very large booklet) wake forest university!
re-purposed into a journal....

more mail from colleges...this one is from tulane i think~
hand made cards for your friends !

don't throw away paper that's been read....use the blank side for print making....
great for gift wrap OR collage 

keep all boxes to up cycle and use again for sending love packages to your friends~
who doesn't love getting a fun package in the mail!!??

ready to fill with goodies for someone i cherish :)

this is just a teeny little glimpse of what will be going on here in my studio on december 2nd.

space is limited~ let me know if you're interested and i will save you a spot.
bring something healthy to share
donations for art supplies are welcome. :)
bring any boxes, paper bags, envelopes or old books you would like to work on or share 

Monday, November 3, 2014

change is in the air.....a little announcement~

i will be opening my home studio for workshops in january 2015!
i love teaching workshops and continually have students ask if i teach in my home studio.  at the moment, my studio is a smallish room in the front of my house and serves as my art and metal working space.  (it's getting very crowded)!!  i'm in the process of tricking out the open space above my garage (a whole apartment) into my new ART studio.  i have used this space in the past for a few fabulous workshops and then would shift gears and rent it out, or have guests stay there.  as all things change, this space has undergone many!  appropriately called heART space, this was my mom's apartment before she passed away several years ago.   i honor her through my art and by using her space as inspiration for others.  anytime i am in that space making art, my heart is full with memories of her and all that she instilled in me.  she truly was my best art teacher.   my first guest artist in the space was judy wise.  (one of my favorite humans).... she came all the way from oregon to wilmington, nc.  it was a weekend i will never forget.  my passion for teaching has exploded since then and i am ready to spread my wings a little more and offer workshops and classes in my heART space!  i will post all workshops here, and on my Facebook page.  please stay in touch and come visit for a workshop or class when you can!  i will also open this space to artists who would like to teach in a small and intimate setting.  please email me if you are interested in teaching as a visiting artist.
i will teach an array of mixed media classes, from collage and art journaling to plaster and wax.  we will make books, play in art journals, be free on canvases, and much more.  i will also have open studio times where artists can bring in whatever they are working on and just play! stay tuned for more info. and photos of the space.  i will share the transformation as i go!