Wednesday, October 15, 2014

what if…...

what if:
we ( parents, husbands, wives, friends, siblings, artists, politicians, teachers, students, entrepreneurs, welders, bus drivers, engineers, nurses, doctors, salesmen/women, flight attendants, gardeners, business owners, managers, pilots, etc.etc.) ALL practiced mindfulness.  we only say positive things about each other.  we only put out to the universe what we wish to receive back.  we help each other with no expectations.  we share ideas and techniques without fearing that someone will steal our ideas. we refrain from resentment…from unkind words.  we act with kindness to all situations. we wake each morning with gratitude for a new day.  we watch, listen to and comment only on positive and beautiful news and stories.  we speak only truth and only beautiful words. we take care of our earth, the trees, the ocean, the animals, the mountains, and everything in between like we love it beyond measure.  we sit in silence to meditate and listen to our voice within.  and we set out to truly love everyone in our path. what if. 

"wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving"  kahlil gibran

embracing everything beautiful….. 
loving the fall blooms in my yard.

art everyday.  no. matter. what. 

~be love~

Monday, October 13, 2014

art in saluda~

i just had an amazing weekend in the mountains of north carolina in the small town of saluda.  and there happens to be the best art studio ever,  right in the center of it all!  random arts !  ...a laid back and beautiful studio for art classes and gathering, the best selection of art supplies, vintage books, papers, stencils, stamps, .....on and on and on!  a really cool collection of handpicked clothing and accessories, and a front porch full of vintage finds from all around .  jane powell has the best thing going right there in the heart of small town saluda.  
my visit started with a walk up to pearson falls with one of my students who i actually met last year and loved her! we had a great afternoon, hiking and taking in the beautiful views, sounds and mountain air. 

pearson falls, saluda, nc.

per janes recommendation, i stayed at the charles street gardens and it was lovely.  the owners have beautiful established gardens all around the property.  i felt like i was walking through secret gardens....lots of gates, trellises and mirrors everywhere!....even candelabras were scattered around the gardens.  it was so cool to walk through.  the sounds of sweet birds chirping and water fountains all around made it even more peaceful~

saturday morning started the beginning of a really fun group of women getting together to make some art journals and fill with collage, paintings and explosion journal pages. 
we had a wonderful couple of days together and i cannot wait to go back again in april!

demo pages.... in my art journal

jane has the kitchen at random arts filled with hand painted cabinet doors that all visiting artists paint while they are there!  i LOVE the idea and it looks so cool....makes me want to paint all of my cabinet doors in my kitchen :)
here's mine below. .... 

we went on a little adventure and found some huge leaves for leaf prints in our journals. 

and here are the lovely students sharing one of their journal pages.  they all had such beautiful pages by the end of our weekend.....too bad we can't see them all !









i enjoyed the weekend so much and look forward to being with these wonderful women again in the spring next year.  i will be teaching more book making april 18 and 19 of 2015.  
join us if you can!  details to come soon!!

thanks to all of you who joined us for the workshop and for making it a special weekend.
and thanks to jane and paul of random arts for the hospitality and for having me!