Thursday, August 21, 2014

feeling the love

feeling the love….
summer. gardens full of sunflowers.  chickens scratching
 in the dirt.  honeybees foraging.  annual beach trip with our friends.  rainbows after storms.  girls just being girls.  relaxing. reading lots of library books.  making lots of art.  being love.

this video makes me happy

upcoming workshops:
i will be teaching "collage play" at random arts in saluda, nc, oct. 11 and 12. i love the fun vibe there….jane makes it comfortable and cozy and there's shopping too! art supplies and cool clothes…a little bit of everything :)this makes it so convenient when traveling, as she will have plenty of supplies for the workshop!  it's a great place to visit, especially in october.  we will make a hand stitched, coptic bound journal and fill the pages with collage and my "explosion journaling" techniques. i will demo some of my favorite collage and journaling techniques and photo transfers! FUN~~~~~  there's a beautiful waterfall just up the street that is well worth the short hike…
reserve a room and come on! 

 "a painted journal" here in my "heARTspace" studio in wilmington, nc, oct. 18 and 19. my friend jenny wentworth and i will be teaching a collaborative workshop where we will make a hand stitched , hard cover journal and learn techniques to paint, collage and decorate the cover, then jenny will teach her beautiful portrait techniques to fill the pages. a quiet and intimate setting, filled with soulful creativity, you will not want to miss it!!

"plaster covered heirloom journal" at the cameron art museum, museum school on nov. 1 and 2.  my friend melissa manley and i are happy to be teaching this class for the second time! you will leave with a beautiful, tactile, heirloom quality, plaster covered journal.  melissa and i both bring to the table our shared expertise and knowledge….collage and journaling techniques and lots of plaster ideas along with our shared passion for teaching art.  we have such fun teaching together and it's contagious.  please join us if you can for this awesome workshop! 

(carolyn with her plaster covered journal at the last workshop)

and here are some of my
 journal pages, a little art and bookmaking from this summer. 

(this piece was inspired by michael franti when he was here and was auctioned for "do it for the love foundation".

making art at the beautiful "wrightsville beach rocks" location. heart filled journaling...

art on the porch during a visit to my friend in nags head, nc.

feeling the love is all about doing whatever it is that defines what you love to do.  for me, (besides the obvious, like spending time with family and friends, etc.) that means creating.  a lot.  everyday. it means surrounding myself with people that bring light and love into my world, and me doing the same for them.  it means taking really good care of myself in every way possible.  and being fully present with friends and family. and raising my bees and my chickens….growing my own food.  feeling the love, is being the love….keeping the peace and knowing when to say yes…knowing when to say no. 

choose joy.  

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  1. this is the happiest post - i read through it twice, there i just so much joy in it, kim. you are love!