Wednesday, December 4, 2013

dreamer with wings

finding wings…..

dream….find love wherever you go….create your own joy….be yourself….
trust your intuition… abundance… compassion….see the beauty in yourself
find your wings

"wherever we are, it took some time getting here".
i was talking to a friend this morning about what "normal" is?!
in todays world, i'm not sure that there is a true definition of normal…nor am i quite 
sure that there ever was.  everyone i know, EVERYONE…..has had some sort of trouble, 
sadness, anger, hard times, resentments….the list goes on and on.
even the people i thought were "normal," i later learned were not.
(really, whatever normal means…) we all have our stuff….
what i love about my "normal" is that there's nothing normal about it.  i've learned that all  (I) can do is what feels good to me, is good for (MY) family, do what i believe is best for (MY) children and not worry so much about what anyone or everyone else is doing.  i choose to be a dreamer….to live in my little world of art and homeschooling and traveling to wherever we can and want to go…i watch my girls in their own uniqueness and i love it.  not always what (I) would do, or how (I) would dress, etc…blah blah blah, but they are exactly where I want them to be….(their own peeps)
what's my point here?  do what makes YOU happy~dont listen to negative people…turn it around when someone is talking crap.  say something positive instead of going along …...
YOU are who matters most.  if YOU are happy (or even just content) then everyone around you will probably be happy too. (except for people who no matter what just can't muster happiness)….and for them, we pray.  pray to whoever or whatever you pray to.  for peace, happiness and joy for all.  so when anyone you know is being a downer, or seemingly trying to pull you down….pick yourself up, put on your smiliest face and wish them well.  think good thoughts for them….it works, i swear :)
and when things or people get you down, move on back to a place of joy as quickly as you can.

here's a little video that makes me smile :)

and here is some new work.
inspired after nina left, i continued to make and create more jewels.
she left a mark and i am grateful to her for being here!

i'm always looking at quotes for jewelry and this one really resonated with me.
i love the bird, and i love the quote.  this is from a little book of love notes that i bought when we were in blowing rock.

inspired by this post  after reading suzanne's blog i jumped in
and made a few post cards for the dream foundation.
what a great thing to do this season (or anytime) :)

in memory of ellie
OH, the saddest thing last week…..
my sweet golden didn't come out one morning and later that day we
found that she had a large tumor that had ruptured and that was the end of her.
it was so sudden, so sad and we miss her terribly.
she was our sweetest…happiest….most awesome doggie.
she was best friends with rio (the cat)….and my girls just loved her up.
she was ellie belly smelly…..sweet ellie….ellie beller…
the best golden.
missing her terribly~

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  1. sending lots of love, my friend, as you ease through the tenderness of loss. xo