Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"floating on memories"

"Floating on Memories"
a bookmaking workshop with me in Wilmington NC
in my heARTspace studio.

workshop coming in November!

a handmade book to decorate with collage and journaling techniques,
fill with photos and enjoy as a keepsake or gift for someone special.

left page: my mom (right) and her friend pretending to smoke a pipe and cigar)....
right:  my dad by a "no swimming" sign at the beach.

my dad holding me and our dog "aunt jemima"

my mom (second) and friends at an azalea gardens party.

my mom (left)...
i'm not sure what she dressed up for but i love that you can see the 
shadow of the photographer in the photo.

me....Easter Sunday, in a dress that my mom made.

this is the back of the book.

and the front, tied with an antique doily
and ribbon.

Join me in creating a book of memories filled with collage and
art techniques, treasured photos and heart filled quotes. 
In this class we will make the “blizzard” book that was created by Hedi Kyle when she was stuck inside during a blizzard.  I will show you step by step how to fold and fill the book with blank pages, then demo several collage and journaling techniques for you to add to your pages as you wish. Pages slip in and out with the finished product, but can easily be sewn or glued in if you want them finished that way.  We will talk about different ways to finish the book depending on preference!  The end result is the perfect gift for someone special, or for you to keep as your very own handmade photo keepsake.  Space is limited.  Please call to reserve a spot.

Saturday, November 16

Includes paper for book, photo tabs, vintage fabrics and ribbon and a few pieces for collage.
You will need:
Photos, collage bits and ephemera, paints and brushes, golden gel medium, stencils and stamps.
Once you sign up for the class a detailed e mail will be sent to you with more specifics
 on materials and directions.
Call or email me to register
Kim Beller (Big strong girl designs) @ 910-231-5576

the "blizzard book" was first introduced to me by Misty Mawn in one of her online classes.
this book was created by hedi kyle when she was stuck inside her house during a blizzard.

 the name "floating on memories" is from Judy Wise.  
After our time together last September, she said she was "floating on memories"......
(we both were).
with her permission i use this name for the class:)


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