Friday, September 27, 2013

trust your intuition

"trust your intuition".....said nicole.
something that i definitely go back and forth with.
strong one minute, doubtful the next.  this life of ours is filled
with so many important and complex pieces.  sometimes it's hard to 
trust that what we are doing is the right thing...or what we say is the
best thing to say.....or how we hear things is the way it was meant to be heard.
i am moving in the direction of complete trust.  things aren't always what we
think they should be, but there is a lesson in every detail.  
so today, i trust. i love.  i see.  i hear.  i feel.
and hopefully in some small way i touch someone in a way that
will be nurturing and needed.

painting cards for friends.  
something i've said many times is that i miss the art of letter writing.  i miss snail mail.
correspondence that is tangible....something that i can hold on to.  i love the feeling of getting a surprise in the mail and want to give that to those i love~

new pages in art journal.
putting a little something down each day helps me to stay grounded, stay creative and 
let things go. 

another painted card...for judy.
a year ago she was here. with me. she embraces each moment with creativity and love.
she is wisdom, grace and beauty.

painted card for a friend.  "wake at dawn with a winged heart and give
thanks for another day of loving" 
kahlil gibran


journal page.
"trust intuition"

painted card

and another....

and another...

a little booklet that we did at misty's workshop~
simple and fun.

more work from misty's

my boy and his best friend. (beau and pepper)
serenity. grace. bold beauty

and a visitor! i couldn't resist taking a photo of this sweet, SWEET face...
oxen visiting the farm from the set of sleepy hollow.  they are calm and sweet creatures.

what's next?
working on a class.
details coming soon~
planning trip to the mountains....
i have a visitor coming to teach a workshop here!!!
waiting for details and registration information~~~  can't wait to share with you who she is :)
stay tuned.
until then....spread love.
mail a package.
send a card.
write a letter........
and make lots of art


  1. trust the universe and your many gifts, my sweet friend. i have your beautiful envelope hanging above my desk in my classroom, i look at it every day. you have so much to offer this world. your voice, your artwork, your creations are such a gift. xo s

  2. *strong one minute, doubtful the next.*

    .... Kim... that whole paragraph is this year for me. So beautifully written and conveyed.