Monday, August 5, 2013

trip to guiones, costa rica ...and back again~

we just got back last week from our trip to costa rica.
we had the BEST family vacation yet....and got to hang out with our good friends who own a house in playa guiones.  from the beautiful beach walks every morning to visiting the nosara wildlife rescue, we all had such a great experience.  my girls were awesome and got along great the entire time :).....
being sisters and all, i was hoping for the best and they couldn't have been better~

this is where we stayed....
open and tropical and beautiful.  there's a little pool in the back yard to play in and the ocean is just around the corner.......the best food ever-right across the street at the pacifica azul! (blue pacific).
every morning i woke around 5:30 to the sound of the monkeys howling in the trees.  they were everywhere and we could see them from the back yard.  yager and tabu (the neighborhood dogs) were there every morning to greet and hang out with us.  they went everywhere we went, including restaurants!  they would just sit under our table until it was time to go.  we laugh at what a different life it is there (for dogs and people).  the laid back attitude is contagious.

sunset from the la luna restaurant......the view was amazing and so was the food~

YES! that's a chihuahua on the roof....the mascot?!

this is pretty much the norm.  driving along at any given time, you might have to stop for a cowboy corralling his cattle across the road...i love that!

we went to the nosara wildlife rescue and saw beautiful wildlife that is in rehab or being taken care of after their mothers have died from electrocution from unsafe power lines.  this was one of the highlights of the trip.  (also sad)...

the howler monkeys are being electrocuted while trying to gather food.  the uninsulated power lines are in their path through the trees and they are helpless.  unfortunately, many of them do not survive the electrocution, or are so bad off that they have to be euthanized.  steve and vicki at the nosare wildlife help to rehab the animals that DO survive.  their program is amazing and they do this all through the help of donations and fundraising.  this is a great cause to donate to (as a gift or in someone's honor )!

after a nice trek up the hill, steve and vicki invite you in to there lovely home for a cup of juice, then give you a tour of the facility.  they have about 50 acres of mostly unspoiled land that the animals are able to live once released.  they take care of many different animals in need, but mostly monkeys.

vicki is feeding a porcupine that was blown out of its nest in the guanacaste winds.  (the guanacaste is the national tree of costa rica).  

along the way up to their house, we picked fresh hibiscus flowers for this little squirrel to munch on.
he was cute and friendly!

this is "toby"  .  he was entertaining us from the minute we laid eyes on him.  he was orphaned when his mom was electrocuted in the power lines.  

and here, a howler monkey takes it easy in his hammock....he was curious but didn't get down and follow us around like toby did!

one of the monkeys we saw had to have an arm amputated because of the electrocution.  he was lucky to be alive.  steve and vicki take such good care of them all and hope to do a step by step release program with most of them onto their safe property.  
please consider visiting HERE to find out more, spread the word, and help if you can. :)

worthy cause!

i love seeing the cows just grazing on the side of the road....this was a normal thing, to see them
all along the roads and the mountainsides.  

this is playa guiones where we walked every morning and my man got to surf a few times each day.
we found beautiful shells and the landscape is so different from our beach at home. 

yager didn't miss a trip to the beach! walk with us, and to chase the crabs...

ha! for out for the coconuts...

from the zipline through the rainforest, to the nosara wildlife rescue....hanging out with our good friends, eating delicious food and taking in the salt air of the pacific,and all the stuff in between, this was one of our favorite trips ever~  as good as it was, it's always good to get back home.  

we are all settled back in, my oldest just had her wisdom teeth out and is recovering from that .....
we are all super excited that the girls are doing homeschool this year..and i'm in the preliminary stages of planning the much anticipated trip to italy.  this will take time for me and i want to make the very best of our travels there when the time comes.  any advice or experiences you want to share?!
leave a comment :)
we are also dreaming about oregon and washington state...more to come!

thank you to a very special, someone for my sweet package in the mail...
and to another special someone for my other sweet package in the mail....
complete joy to go to the mailbox and find a surprise from you and you !

new art and jewelry post coming soon...
until then, create, love and give joy.


  1. wow, that looks amazing! what a beautiful trip kim!!!

  2. yes! it was perfect....and i cant wait for italy!
    thanks for all the planning tips xo

  3. Hi! I just returned from CR and lost/stolen (who knows) my camera at the airport. I am happy to say that Jager and his little girl friend Tabu (black and white) are both well and accompanied me on the beach also. I decided to search images and see if anyone else had taken a picture of Jager...and here I am. Thanks for sharing.