Monday, August 26, 2013


summer ends.
home school begins...
navigating new territory.

the sounds of summer are gently fading...replaced by the cool morning air that means fall is just around the corner.  i love them both.  but will miss the quiet sticky nights, splashing in the sea, the easiness of just throwing on a bathing suit and going about your day.  i'm always ready though, for the next season....anticipation...the cool mornings, waking at dawn, on the porch with my coffee...snuggling in a blanket.  i'm ready for the new season and our new endeavor. this is new territory for us.  the girls are so happy to be able to do homeschool. embracing it all and navigating as we go.  we start tomorrow .  my girls, i feel and see the change and shift in them both, they are ready~
they grow up so fast i can hardly think about it...

in the studio........
beautiful chaos!
working on different journals as usual.
getting SO excited about seeing her again in september.
just read this....loved it.
listening to this.
eating this.

my loves...

art journal pages...

working on prompts and lessons for new workshop...
and "hopefully" online class!!
"souls fly open"


missing my sweet mom.  
and wishing i could have given her a big birthday hug on august 23.
a beautifully wrapped present with lots of ribbon.  
a handmade card and a photo with her and the girls.
she adored them so much.
they adored her more.
i look to the stars .
in the waves.
on the sand.
for something...
but she is everywhere.
i see her vividly and clear.
then not at all.


  1. "in bocca al lupo" (good luck) this year with the switch to home schooling - and more importantly enjoy the experience together! your new journals look great. wishing you loads of fun at misty's class, so wish i could join you!

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