Tuesday, August 6, 2013


staying connected

i was just on my morning run and my mind was reeling ....my morning started early thanks to my dogs barking at something and waking me up~ 
after starting my coffee, i sat down to check email and had one from suzanne answering some of my questions about italy.  after reading this, i was supercharged and inspired (again) :)  i have my little "italy journal" and began to write and add to my travel plans.
suzanne has been inspiration from the start.  after losing my mom, it has been a goal of mine to take a bit of her ashes to italy.  she dreamed of italy, and unfortunately never got to go.  it's been 5 years now, (whew) and i'm in a place where i can begin the planning stages of getting there (with her ) and my family ...

about connections...i was taking misty's online class a few years ago.  my art  then (and maybe still) reflected and touched on the loss and grief of losing mimi.  suzanne, also in the class saw something i wrote about wanting to take her ashes to italy one day and sent me a package with bits and pieces of italy; inspiration to  to keep my dream alive and well.  since then, we have given and received and stayed in touch with each other, just like true friends do.  

i was able to get to one of misty's "real life" classes in virginia and have stayed in touch with her too...i would never miss one of her online classes , as they keep me inspired and creative. and i am lucky enough to be seeing her again in the mountains this september.  i cannot say enough about her teaching style;  she is a generous and beautiful soul . 

then there's judy.  how i love judy....i asked her to come to wilmington to teach a class and she said YES!  she is dear, she is generous and kind and beautiful in real life....all the things you see on her blog..she is.  she is a dear friend and i am blessed to stay connected with her. (and she IS wise) :)

all of this happened in blog world.  it seems a bit bazar to find true friends here , but it happens and it
is real and i am thankful.  

from connections comes inspiration :)

(repurposed box, for a very special someone :)

(new enamel pieces i'm working on)


"if your soul feels it, it is real"



  1. Wait. A. Minute. Are you talking about the last class .... or a new one??????
    And I love love love Pondering.

  2. thanks melanie! and i'm talking about THE class....
    (best class ever)!!
    hopefully in the future we will do wax :)