Thursday, May 16, 2013

dove è tua madre

dove e tua madre
(where is your mother)?

in the heavens
and the sea
in the wind
the leaves of a tree
on the plains
and in the valley
resting, playing, singing.
always here and always there
in the earth and in the air.
in a star that shines so bright
in my dreams on moonlit nights.
you will never leave my mind.
and i love all who you left behind.

missing mimi.
august 23, 1944 - may 21, 2008


  1. Beautiful Kim! Loved sharing the day with you friend xo

  2. e sempre nel tuo mia. xxS

  3. beautiful poetry with your beautiful work from your beautiful heart. my heart goes out to you... and a bit of your heart arrived at my door... you are so thoughtful and kind. <3 thank you so very much. I am going to send you a little something here soon, too... thank you. thank you. thank you. xoxoox