Thursday, May 16, 2013

dove è tua madre

dove e tua madre
(where is your mother)?

in the heavens
and the sea
in the wind
the leaves of a tree
on the plains
and in the valley
resting, playing, singing.
always here and always there
in the earth and in the air.
in a star that shines so bright
in my dreams on moonlit nights.
you will never leave my mind.
and i love all who you left behind.

missing mimi.
august 23, 1944 - may 21, 2008

Saturday, May 11, 2013

keeping things in perspective

these days i am focusing on the simple pleasures....

missing my mom like crazy. my grandma died on wednesday.  she was 92 and she hasn't been the same since my mom died 5 years ago in may. it is a bittersweet time and i am flooded with memories.... i am still dreaming of italy and taking the remainder of my mom's ashes there.

the moon shines bright .
the ocean is calm.
the breeze is gentle.
the reflections are many.
you are everywhere.
yet you are not here.

wishing all moms out there a beautiful mother's day