Thursday, March 21, 2013

more plastic free ideas~ keeping it simple~ cleaning up...

this morning i took a different route than usual and ran on the loop (middle sound loop)...
i REALLY couldn't believe how much trash i saw on the side of the road and in the marsh going down to the creeks...
today is trash when i took the trash can to the street i saw the HUGE empty dog food bag in the trash can ...(perfect for picking up trash) :) i headed to the loop again and filled it up...didn't take long (maybe 20 minutes at the most).  mostly plastic...bags, straws, bottles, caps, wrappers from various items , some styrofoam, and someone REALLY likes bud light in a can!  i picked up maybe 12 cans of bud light...(for real).
SO, that's how i re-use my dog food bags!


~one thing i've learned is once you start to learn more about plastics and how to reduce your plastic use, it is endless all the changes you can make!  it's actually been fun and not at all a task like i thought it would be.  i've have found some great resources and have been talking to friends who can give really good advice and input too...  this is a great site for glass jars and pump lids.  i'm really working to reduce all plastic and cans from my pantry and eventually end up with only glass jars. :) also, trying not to buy items in plastic (i.e.: *tortillas)~~~

these were so good!  recipe from danielle below :)
we made quesadillas and everyone just put the ingredients they wanted....
(sweet potatoes, refried beans, cilantro, cheese, sliced chicken, avocado and sliced tomato).
we had leftovers so they are stored in fridge in a glass container....

 today i made my own *laundry detergent following this recipe~ it was really easy- i added some lavender essential oil to make it a little more fragrant.  i love that it has no color to it!  (no dyes)...and i could just re-use plastic containers that i already had.
and HERE is another great site i found with recipes for dishwasher and washing detergent....i haven't tried them yet, but i will and they look good to me!  the blog has great ideas on reducing plastic.

 Plastic Free Shaving 
 Plastic Free Shaving
 Plastic Free Shaving

 Plastic Free Food Wrap
 Plastic Free Kitchen Brushes
 Dental Products

 Plastic Free/ Recycled Binders
 Glass Jars / Paper and Stainless Straws
 Glass Jars with Glass Lids

 Homemade Yogurt
*Homemade Tortillas
 Homemade Hamburger Buns
 Homemade Almond Milk
*Homemade Laundry Detergent
 Homemade Lip Color

Plastic Free Blogs
It Starts With Me
My Plastic Free Life
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OH, and one of the things that BETH TERRY said at the UNCW presentation has stuck with me, because i truly thought i was doing such a good thing by recycling...
REFUSE, reduce - re-use - recycle....
(recycle is last in the list~  refuse should be added to the list :)
recycling is okay when we try everything else first...once you start researching recycling and what the process entails it's very eye opening~

my favorite glass jar~~~
i found this a while ago at a second hand store for $2.00
it does have a yellow plastic lid, but mason jar lids also fit it.
and my glass straw from glass dharma is the perfect addition ~

have a listen.....
my friend deblois~
hoping to see her down in florida next week


  1. Kim!!! Your enthusiasm is giving me a constant smile!! So unbelievably grateful to know you!!! Can't wait for you to come over soon!!! :D

  2. love, love, love these suggestions. you have inspired me to really take a closer look at our usage and consumption and even better - provided resources for us to be able to make change. grazie mille!!! i hope to follow in your footsteps a bit here. xx