Thursday, February 28, 2013


by Dorothy Walters
I think it is enough,
at times,
to go without knowing
where the end is,
what the beginning–
so long ago.
Perhaps you have friends
who can whisper
such things
in your ear,
hear little bits of
in the laughter of children.
But mostly we just proceed ahead,
not remembering
how it all started,
where it is leading,
not sure
if we are the waiting animal
or the animal’s passing
in the grass.

i've been drawing and coloring mandalas.
there's something very relaxing about the process and i love the outcomes.
i just got a new set of prismacolor colored pencils.  so worth the extra $$$.

misty's class has come to an end.  i've been really busy and distracted by other
things, but have loved having her class to go to...this is an oil painting with some gouache added.

i will continue to go to her class site and finish assignments....and will post along the way :)
i highly recommend taking a class with misty if you can.  she's an extraordinary teacher 

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  1. what a beautiful poem and message...i am still hoping to catch her class, life has thrown a bit of a curve as it can sometimes, but all in all things are good. xx s