Sunday, January 6, 2013

my heart is my compass

no resolutions this year.  

i'm looking in the direction i need to go, and i'm going there!
following my heart....that is my compass~
filling myself up and taking care to be with the people i love.
wholeheartedly, in the moment, and with gratitude.

ART......that's one thing i know i need.  
so i'm taking misty's class and know i will love it~~~

and of course, judy's cold wax class .....

can't wait to sink myself into all that i will be learning from these two lovelies...
the classes are at the same time so i will have to really focus (HA HA HA)....
im gonna do my best. really :)

we have celebrated Christmas, my husband's birthday (the day after)....
my daughter's 16th birthday (the 3rd of january)....
and next, my anniversary in february.... (18 years)!!!
lots of celebrating going on around here these days.

spending time at the barn is always uplifting.
being there with my boy fills me up...i NEED to be there and
take it all in.  the smells, the open air....trees and beauty and nature.
the bond.  the unconditional love.  i need it all.

kitten (onyx)....she loves to join me while i'm making art~
she's into everything these days, but just adorable!

bonfires...just being outside at night with my peeps.
that makes me happy......

journal pages i've been working on.
this one is Christmas day....

that's my brother, me and my sweet mom.... {below}
(years ago).....she is so dearly missed.....

this is what i feel like sometimes!
i want to embrace each part of me and there are many. 
sometimes it feels hard to juggle everything.
to make time for all the things i "need" to do, and 
still be true to myself and do the things  i "want" to do.

i know that i'm one lucky girl.  blessed beyond belief....
with family that grounds me....friends who love me and me them.

hoping to travel more this year....
out west to washington or oregon....maybe both.
i want to see more trees and the different landscape there.

and of course my dream of traveling to italy is still brewing.
this one will take time.  i am patient.  i have my mom's ashes to take there 
and know it will happen when the time is right.

what i wish for most is to stay content .
we are trying to sell or house .....
that's a big stress in ways, but i'm ready to move on.....
we moved here when my mom got sick so she could be with us.  
i am hoping that moving from here will help with the last piece of 
grief.  i no longer want to be here where the last memories of 
her are so sad and bewildering.


wishing you all a year filled with whatever you are wishing for and dreaming of.


  1. You are moving??? Oh that house is so beautiful ... but I do understand that sometimes memories aren't always good so close to you everyday. But I do love that house, lol.
    Wishing you a great New Year's and, yes, to new beginnings.

  2. buon anno, kim! wishing you a 2013 that is happy, light and rich with creative possibilities! perhaps i will 'see' you in misty's class, am hoping to take it too. :)