Saturday, December 1, 2012

giveaway....challenge....spreading love around the globe...

did i mention a giveaway??!!........yes!  to celebrate 10,000 views on my blog AND to celebrate the friends made here....


here it is folks.....if you're like me, you LOVE surprises and getting something in the mail is even better.....
the old fashioned way.  {snail mail}....yes, that's what i'm talking about.  SO, along with this giveaway comes a challenge.  december is a busy month for most, so what do you say we start in january?!
get out your old address book and start a new (old) tradition of mailing notes and little surprises to friends and family via snail mail.  and when you do, drop me a line here on my blog in the comments section .....if you have a blog, write a post and  paste the link if you want.  let's get something going here.  don't you remember the days where going to the mailbox meant more than a handful of bills or junk mail?!  come on and join in the fun.....and if you want to make it even better, ask a blog friend what their address is and send them a postcard or a small piece of art....or whatever your little heart desires!  one of the best surprises i ever got was from sperlygirl.  all the way from italy....a little care package, including a handmade sewn bag, a beautiful bar of soap, some delicious italian candies, sweet notes and encouragement.  (here it is....hanging on a my "love your tribe" canvas....)
pretty appropriate choice of words when it comes to our friends.

  it's a good habit to get into and the good karma you receive in return is well worth the effort.  spreading love around the globe the old fashioned way is a beautiful thing~

are you in??!!  
so, here are the details.....wanna win this?

a handmade copper cuff that i will stamp with your very own words....
just for YOU

AND this little art journal kit i've put together....
a blank moleskine journal along with some of my favorite images,
some old papers, sheet music, book pages, stickers, ribbon and a handmade
origami bookmark~  all to get (or keep) your creative juices flowing for the new year~~~~

here are some of my moleskine journals and pages.......
i love the freedom of creating this way, whatever is on my, 
words, poems and quotes....these journals are fun to work in and each one of
mine are SO different .....and they are different from the way i work in my larger
and handmade journals.  it's more free, flowing and whimsical.

(this is my card and photo from sperlygirl.....(part of her gift to me all the way from italy)


leave a comment here any time during the month of DECEMBER.  with your comment, please share a word that is meaningful to YOU.....your mantra...a word of encouragement...whatever you want~
also, if you have a blog, share this post on your blog and then share your link here as a comment and your name will be entered twice. pretty easy huh? it's gonna be fun~~~~~i will mail out the gift around the first of january~~~  {happy new year}....


ABOUT GIFTS......the art of giving.........
homemade gifts are my favorite......inspired by free people blog, i've been making a few dream catchers of my own....

speaking of special about giving THIS to yourself or a friend....{or both}!!
if you've ever had the great experience of taking a class with judy wise, you know already how much the class will be filled with awesomeness!  hope to see you there :)


gift giving for someone special....a handmade cuff bracelet with your choice of words, 
quote, mantra or message.  find it HERE~~~~~
what's more cherished than something so personal from YOU~~~~

these are a few of my favorite things.....

and other gift ideas~

happy december....don't forget to drop a line here to enter the drawing~


  1. I love the Starfish Journal page! You'll have to give me some tips on how to do that (artistic tips for the unartistic :)). My word is "Believe".

    1. yes to journaling! and i love "believe".....
      see you friday night! xo

  2. what a lovely give-away...and your cuffs are beautiful! i just tweeted your give-away :) my mantra has been for sometime, "begin". xx

  3. thanks suzanne! and i love "begin".....

  4. What a great giveaway!
    I'm using 'communicate'

  5. "communicate".....awesome~
    thanks gill.

  6. I am the difference. :)

    ...and I'm off to FB and twitter to spread the LOVE. (if I have time I'll try to put this up on my blog as well)

    Wishing you the happiest of holidays!


    1. YES, YOU are!! you have made a huge difference not only in wrightsville beach, but all around as you inspire and encourage others to do the same :)
      love to you and yours xo

  7. Dear Kim, love your post. The love is spreading already, because I read about your idea on Danielle's FB profile and here I am :) The copper cuffs are magnificent. I wear bracelets to remind me of things, a philosophy or something I want to learn and practise, like peaceful kindness in all circumstances or reminding me that situations are never black or white... wearing these reminders around my wrist helps me alot. So I love your idea :) also about spreading much needed love around the globe. My word and wish for you and everybody is : peace xxx Eef

    1. hello eef~
      peace to you too !! wishing you the best holidays~ you inspire many xo

  8. Peace to you my friend! I cherish your friendship and inspiration...Btw, I renamed you "Kim"spiration!

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