Sunday, November 25, 2012

nostalgia..trunk show... and a giveaway!!

warning:  this is a longer post than usual.....
grab some hot tea or coffee for this one :)

sweetest moments~
lacie and my man walking beau out to graze~

the farrier~  (ronald).  i'm obsessed with huge anvils and fringed work chaps...i love the art of the farrier.  i'm not so sure he would's like second nature to him, but i'm so enamored with it all....

grazing and relaxing.....peaceful.
this big boy is the most graceful animal i've ever met. every minute i spend with him i learn something new....about him and about myself.  big love.  that's what this is.


i've been in a very creative mood lately~ i go through these phases where there's {nothing}....then all of a sudden i'm making all kinds of stuff....pulling out old junk and getting busy. i love these moments of creativity and get so inspired to make and give.  these are new candlesticks i made from a bucket of junk that's been sitting on my porch just waiting for me to go through it all.....i collected old brass candlesticks from the thrift stores and lots of little knick knacks that look like they could have all come from my grandma's house.... the brass candlesticks are usually around 50 cents to a dollar.  glue it all together to your liking and voila....nice little homemade candlesticks.  i saw this re-do on pinterest a while ago, however, the original idea came from anthropologie...which i could not afford.(and couldn't find the link, or i would have shared)....  

the kitten {onyx} and rio sitting on my $15 chair i found at a vintage shop in town.  oh how i LOVE to find a good bargain~~~~
and of course, i love my cats too :)

i worked on this little journal page last night.  totally inspired by a piece that judy wise did for a peach festival.
i'm an apple fan and this is an appreciation tribute to my mother.  for all the memories i've stored in my heart.  she taught me SO much and for that i am truly grateful.  she's my angel and i miss her terribly still.  
the quote is one of my favorites: 

"faith is the bird that feels the light and sings while the dawn is still dark".          rabindranath tagore

still playing with this one...not my favorite, but i'm playing around with horse drawings and trying to make it fun.  i thought i should share the ones i don't like as much too :)
this is a wood substrate with plaster and joint compound.  
we'll see what the finished result will be ?!

"these are the days that must happen to you"....
of course there's a little piece of a map of italy in the corner.
those of you who know me, know that i must go to italy.....
one day ~

okay, so i'm seeing a pattern here...
i tend to use a lot of my favorite quotes on my journal pages!

"i would love to live like a river flows,
carried by the surprise of it's own unfolding"
john donahue

a page i did while house sitting at the beach for a friend.
the sea pulls a lot out of you. so mostly this is writing....and i was a very content soul at that time ~

getting festive.   (kind of)
i'm not much for store-bought decorations, but love me some lights to bring a little cheer~  i'm not ready to pull out the boxes of Christmas decorations i've collected over the years, but am slowly putting out little signs that the season is almost here.  my most treasured pieces are from my childhood...little ornaments that i remember putting on the tree with my mom, or anything hand-made and given to me by a friend.  my youngest daughter definitely got the spirit bug from my mom.  she has strung lights in her room, pulled out the santa pillow and has a little teeny Christmas tree on her nightstand already!!  she has ALWAYS been that way and is  full of Christmas spirit....(already) :)
me?!  i have to wait until at least december rolls around....

a little birdie that i made recently...this was one of the plaster instructions from stephanie lee when she and judy did the plaster class.  (which i LOVED)......
this is the bird of "wisdom".

another vintage find.....$2.00 at the vintage thrift store...
i LOVE enamel wear and collect old (inexpensive) pieces.
i have never seen one like this and was really excited to get such a good deal~~~~~~ 
happy thanksgiving folks!

sometimes nostalgia sets in.  this is a plant that i have managed to keep for a very long time.  it's from my grandma's plant and continues to thrive....if a leaf drops off, i just stick it in the soil and it roots itself again.  grandma called it "hens and bitties"....i mostly hear it called "hens and chicks". i love it though and just brought it inside yesterday. 

"nostalgia"....i like that word.
and i also like give aways on blogs!!!
the blogging world is quite a funny thing.  at first i rebelled against putting anything personal out there for people i don't even know.  as i continued to visit some of my favorite blogs, i decided to go for it.  and honestly, it brings me some sort of pleasure that's hard to explain.  i'll never write a book.  and i'm not the best at recording everything i'm thinking about in my this seems like the perfect spot to get my thoughts out there and to share a little of what i have going on in my little corner of the world.  best of all, i've made some good friends here.  i feel connections and can relate to all kinds of things here that i don't often get in the "real" world~
also, i sometimes wonder, "how much should i put out there"?? i recently had a discussion about this with my friend suzanne. her ability to share her vulnerability as well as her eloquent words and beautiful moments are inspiring to me.  she has a way with being brave and sharing the raw and the ugly sometimes.  mostly the beautiful, but the truth is, it's not always beautiful.(now is it)???  i don't want to be a fraud or a fake....i want to share here what i shared with her.  raising teenager girls is hard people.  i feel so blessed...i have a good, {really good} relationship with mine. but sometimes, things get rough.  personalities collide, sisters fight....words aren't always nice.  one who wants so desperately to be unique and set apart from the rest.....i love that about her. she already is unique....she's amazing and beautiful ....and suzanne's words..."bold and tender" at the same time.  i love this.  but sometimes i struggle and wonder am i doing a good enough job?.....there's no freaking manual on how to do this.  i try so hard to do the right thing, to find a balance and not be too strict, but also not be too lax about issues. there's so much to worry about now....but i don't want to always worry..... 
is there anyone out there that feels like it's harder now?.....all the media....texting.
i miss the days where we didn't have this much.  
"bold and tender"  that says it all.
thanks sperly girly for your truth, for your support and for your friendship.  that's why i do this.  i love the support and the connections found here.  also, there's a lot of sharing going on....there's so much inspiration in this little blog world and i love that.  i love artists who aren't afraid to share and tell there techniques to the world.  we are all individual with our own stories....thanks to all of you out there who share yours.
SO, that brings me to a little celebration to share....and the reason that i'm doing a giveaway here.  i have just noticed that i'm close to 10,000 views on my blog.  honestly, i don't check "stats" often, but noticed that number and thought that was pretty cool. so, i'm putting together a little gift to share and will show you on december 1st what i come up with.  all i ask is that you leave a comment anytime in the month of december and one word that resonates with you. that's all it takes to be in the running to win my little surprise !! i will do a drawing sometime after Christmas and will probably ship around the first of the new year~

and here's my dad......blessed and lucky to have him doesn't even come close to the whole story~~~~~~~~~~~~~

thanksgiving morning~  my sweet daddy, over for coffee and a little breakfast.

the afternoon (thanksgiving day) was spent with best friends and family.....
(at libby's house)
 it ended up being a huge party by the 
end of the night.  so many friends stopped by and 
it was a big reunion.  just a reminder of how
blessed we are to be here and to have 
such great people in our lives~

(and such great dogs in our lives...)


(libby and me)...blessed

a warm and cozy fire inside and a fire pit 
with oysters roasting outside.....
so much delicious food and warm company~  
thankful for this day,these friends,
and these memories to hold dear

TRUNK SHOW coming up on december 1st, {10-5} at 
SWEET PEPPER horse sports.  i have lots of new designs and we will have a drawing for a copper cuff bracelet personalized just for you.....
drop in if you're in the area~~~~we would love to see you there.


  1. I loved your whole post! And I agree, raising kids is harder today. But I suppose our parents thought so too. New challenges arise and we have to figure out how to help our kids figure it out.
    Oh and I loved the apple orchard piece.

  2. i too loved your whole, brave, beautiful post, kim. glimpsing a bit into your world with your journals, the quotes you shared (am going to copy a few into my own journals), your thoughts on motherhood (i was thinking the very same thing today - where's the manual?). i have no doubt you are a wonderful mother. so love your vintage finds and great candlesticks! and thank you, friend, for all of your kind words. xx

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