Sunday, November 18, 2012


the essence of thanksgiving....."gratitude".
today was a rainy, dreary day and honestly, i was thankful for the time "stuck" inside.  it seemed the perfect time to work on a few new pieces and to cook and bake up some yummies~
these are my favorite cookies to make this time of year. (pumpkin, white chocolate chip cookies)....from sarah foster's "FRESH EVERY DAY" cookbook.  trust me when i say, there worth making!! my friend garnette gave me this cookbook for Christmas one year and since then these are the favorite for november. 

"pumpkin white chocolate chip cookies"

"memorize this moment"
a new piece i finished up today.  it started with a wood substrate and plaster....then collage, then paint, then wax. 
it started out like this:

i'm happy with the finished product and glad to have it done and ready to start something man cut some more substrates for me today :) 

"memorize this moment...
capture it in your heart,
write it on your soul".

this is an acrylic on watercolor paper for my friend margaret. she is marrying john this weekend in the outer banks.  i love seeing her so happy and wish them many beautiful years~

this time of year is when i miss my mom the most. i can't even explain the void i feel.  she loved, loved, loved thanksgiving.  she was one of the best cooks i ever knew.....and i am SO grateful to have had her share with me her knowledge, recipes and secrets from the kitchen~~~she is so truly missed.


and THIS is onyx.  our newest addition to the family. 
he came along in september.  the weekend i was having my art retreat here with judy 15 year old daughter rescued her from being dropped off at the humane society on a sunday morning by a friend of a friend.....she was deathly ill and so tiny, i honestly didn't think she was gonna make it. she DID make it and hagan took great care of was lovely watching her be the "mama" to this little baby.  feeding her with a dropper and sleeping with her.  she did a great job~  we all adore this little one.  even rio has started to like her :)

so, no matter what's going on in your life, i would like to tell you that "your soul is rooting for you"!!!
we all have hard times and this time of year can be difficult for some people.
i love this quote and wanted to put it on a special piece of jewelry. a found dragon fly wing is rolled on the sterling pendant and adorned with the quote. ( i see the quote a lot and wish i could credit who wrote it,but when i research it i only find different blogs and people using the same quote....and couldn't find the author)....if you know, please leave a comment and let me know too!!

wishing you many blessings this thanksgiving.
go in gratitude 

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  1. I wondered about the kitten, so glad he made it. That was such a magical weekend.

  2. Everything you made is so unique and has a depth and meaning of its own that can not be replaced by store bought things. They were beautiful especially the cat.