Wednesday, September 12, 2012

eggplant parmesan~

*this is not a cooking blog~ 

HOWEVER....after browsing Pinterest for recipes all the time and then
being led to awesome blogs that i bookmark for the yummy recipes, i decided that
just this once i would share a recipe i came up with.  i do love to cook and am constantly throwing together recipes with what i have on hand so i figured i would share this one :) i'm not nearly organized enough to do this kind of thing often but here goes!......
it all started when i didn't have bread crumbs to bread the eggplant, so i found the only thing in my pantry that resembled crumbs....yes, ground flaxseed~

slice up one eggplant (i like mine kinda thin)
beat 2 eggs and add a splash of milk (maybe a cup).....
soak the eggplant in the egg /milk mixture 
put some flaxseed on a plate and add salt and pepper, a few dashes of oregano,
and garlic powder (to taste)

now you're ready to dredge the soaked eggplant to coat both sides with the "breadcrumbs"......

i wanted to go the healthy route so i sprayed a baking sheet with cooking spray and turned the oven to *475 and baked the eggplant for about 10 minutes per side.

it came out of the oven looking pretty tasty and of course i had to test it to make sure it was yummy enough to proceed ....

get out your favorite casserole dish and assemble the eggplant with a little red sauce and some freshly grated parmesan.  i had enough for 3 layers....
 bake at *350 until bubbly~(i cooked mine about 25 minutes)
let it cool and it's ready to eat when you are!!
this is a very healthy version of the typical eggplant parmesan and was pretty yummy too~~~
of course you can add more cheese...(mozzarella or whatever you have)
everyone enjoyed it and my man went for seconds......
enjoy :)

another thing that inspired me on Pinterest was the candlestick DIY project from this blog.
while i should be doing other things and getting ready for the art retreat next weekend with judy wise, (HERE at my house~~~~~YIPPPPPPEEEEEE!!!!!!!!) instead, i am going all over town to all the thrift shops finding all kinds of goodies and trinkets to make my own version of the candlesticks.....and what fun it was.  i ended of with a set that i love and have them on my mantle in the kitchen.  they are too cool and now i'm obsessed with the thrill of the hunt and will make more when i can~
(after next weekend....and after i get my chores done :)

still enjoying the remnants of summer.........

and loving the signs of fall~

and laughing pretty much everyday at my sweet little boy, (rio) 

and missing my always~

"always there,
when the cicadas are singing,
i think of you
when the stars come out at night
i think of you
when the air is cool in the early morning,
i think of you
when the luna moth rests on the screen door,
i think of you,
when the girls laugh that really loud, from the belly laugh,
i think of you
when the moonflowers come out at night,
i think of you
when the morning glory's open in the early morning,
i think of you.
always, i think of you.
and i remember that you said you would always be with us.
i believe you are~
my sweet mom"

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  1. sending you big ((hugs)), friend. beautiful words, beautiful post. xx