Monday, August 13, 2012

some mornings i visit with friends here in blog land and become inspired by
 their words and photos and the connections we all make.  
sperly girl prompted this (10 things i love right this minute) list~

~i love waking up and walking to the porch with my coffee and my dogs
 ( my only companions first thing in the morning) :)
~walking on the beach late in the day when most everyone has left and
 the sun is beginning to go down, squinting to find just one more shell...
~watching my daughters play in the ocean
~bike rides with my husband
~writing letters 
~early morning surf sessions
~singing at the table
~my cat all cuddled up on my bed for a nap
~getting messy with paint and glitter
~yoga with my girls
~~~anything by the ocean....honestly makes my heart happy~~~

and i just love the quotes here on jen's blog.  

my excitement is building and anticipation is running wild......
~~~~~~~JUDY WISE will be here next month~~~~~~~
honestly, i don't know where to begin...
HERE are the details for her retreat here in my space~

my friend DANIELLE continues to contribute hours of her
time helping clean up the beach and promote causes dear to her heart.
she recently had a party (benefit) for ocean cure and raised over $1500.00.
way to go~~~~

lenny and lacie in danielle's beautiful back yard....just a swingin'....
lenny fell in love with their dog right away~~~

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  1. i love your list, kim. seems like you & i would have lots to talk about while out for a long walk on the beach. sending you sunshine, my friend. and your new sterling cuffs are AMAZING! xx