Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"even in the midst of a storm, we can all help each other,
we can all work together, we can grow one love."
k.b. 2012

cuff bracelet for ocean cure.

Monday, August 13, 2012

some mornings i visit with friends here in blog land and become inspired by
 their words and photos and the connections we all make.  
sperly girl prompted this (10 things i love right this minute) list~

~i love waking up and walking to the porch with my coffee and my dogs
 ( my only companions first thing in the morning) :)
~walking on the beach late in the day when most everyone has left and
 the sun is beginning to go down, squinting to find just one more shell...
~watching my daughters play in the ocean
~bike rides with my husband
~writing letters 
~early morning surf sessions
~singing at the table
~my cat all cuddled up on my bed for a nap
~getting messy with paint and glitter
~yoga with my girls
~~~anything by the ocean....honestly makes my heart happy~~~

and i just love the quotes here on jen's blog.  

my excitement is building and anticipation is running wild......
~~~~~~~JUDY WISE will be here next month~~~~~~~
honestly, i don't know where to begin...
HERE are the details for her retreat here in my space~

my friend DANIELLE continues to contribute hours of her
time helping clean up the beach and promote causes dear to her heart.
she recently had a party (benefit) for ocean cure and raised over $1500.00.
way to go~~~~

lenny and lacie in danielle's beautiful back yard....just a swingin'....
lenny fell in love with their dog right away~~~

Saturday, August 11, 2012

for my daughters~

i want you to sing at the table and stay up late at night so you can hear the cicadas sing,  watch the fireflies and look for shooting stars.  make sure you jump off the lifeguard stand while you're at the beach and look for beach glass too.  surf when the waves are good, you can do chores later.  stay in touch with friends and make sure you get together with those you love.  get up extra early so you can watch the sun rise over the ocean ....and then go back to watch it set on the sound side.  kiss your animals as much as you can and 
ride baby ride.....

lacie and wynn at stand #7
wrightsville beach

taken by lacie (me...shell seeking)
wrightsville beach

my view from my window in atlantic beach...
trip to see laura and her family

my postcard for the swap....going to INDIA to Aditee A.

katherine, lacie and laura in nags head

ellie and hagan

~rainy day~
me and beau 
(taken by garnette)