Tuesday, July 10, 2012

just signed up to do this again!

enjoying the beauty of summer skies....

giving thanks for my sweet daddy and cherishing the moments ~

wishing so much that this dear mom of mine was still with us and missing her so.
remembering all the good memories that stay with us even when our most precious loved ones do not.

cherishing summer and all it has to offer~

the greens the blues and all others hues
remind me of why i love summer so much
the sky offers such a palette
one that i could never imitate with a paintbrush
what i hear....
the gentle hum of the ocean
crickets dancing in the night
silence while gazing up into the starry night sky
laughter so loud that it makes my heart happy
what i see....
girls growing up
one getting braces
one babysitting
swimming and laying out
sister bonds getting stronger 
what i know....
these are the days i will remember with a melancholy that is unexplainable
it all goes by so fast
they teach me so much more than i could ever teach them
everything is precious
and i am blessed~

1 comment:

  1. oh kim, i love your description of summer. i feel much the same, my friend, especially 'these are the days i will remember with a melancholy that is unexplainable'...i so understand. xx s