Sunday, June 3, 2012

these are days to remember...

these are the days.....

this school year has flown by...i can hardly believe it's almost over.
the girls are so ready for it to be done.  and me be able to enjoy freedom and no schedule!!
to ride when we want and to be on the water when we want and to have no plans.......
that's the best thing of all ~

me and beau~

ellie and lizzie~

this photo was taken at an old flea friends and i went behind the building and i just loved the oldness of it all.  

and the old spigot reminded me so much of my grandma lu's and all~

the cherub by my kitchen sink....
my daughter asked me why we have so many naked babies around the house! HA

(lacie and katherine)
our friends from the outer banks came over memorial day...and we had nothing but fun~

(bela, hagan and emerson)

and i think everyone was pretty worn out !!

some of my new journal pages.  i've been pretty spread out lately, which is typical of me!  that's how i work (play) best.  to have many things going at once in different journals....
lately the word "trust" keeps coming up.  not on purpose, it just happens and it wasn't until i started looking through the pages that i realized this.  something i'm working on i guess....trusting that everything is okay and all is well.  even with the challenges of every day life and the challenges that come along with the joys of raising children.  trust is a good word for me right now ~

i've been making more jewelry too...mostly special orders but am glad to be 
at the bench more. 

hoping everyone out there is having a happy start to the summer and that you enjoy every moment of it~

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  1. here's to a beautiful summer, my friend. may it be full of lazy days, waves, sun and sea. xx