Monday, June 25, 2012

different shades of " happy "

i am in love with the very thought of my daughters.
how i got this lucky in my lifetime.
i will never know.
and i never knew that love could be so big.
and that the simple things could be so complex.
the lessons so important.
and they will never know either.
until they have their own.

lacie brought me flowers and ellie wanted to smell them first!

me and beau...(.a day at the barn with lacie...)

my husband and his bros and sisters....(he's in the middle)
this photo was taken at my nephew's wedding.  he's the first of our 13 nieces and nephews to get married!! it was a beautiful day and the beller family didn't miss a beat, even though they rarely all get together .  that's what i love about big families....they really know how to have fun!

my girls getting lemonade.....

they have been doing lots of photo shoots and this one i love!

"beau" taken by hagan

i recently read a post of suzanne's and have thought a lot about the truth in it.
we don't always share the messy bits of our lives here on these blogs of ours.  and yes, there might be a bit of truth to the fact that we sometimes compare ourselves to others out there in the blog world.
i wouldn't necessarily think to share that the 2 hour car ride to my nephew's wedding pretty much made me wish i wasn't in the same car with my own girls....
and that i wish i had my own room instead of sharing one with them after the wedding.....
teenagers can be so grouchy and downright rude sometimes....but i don't usually share those gory details here!   i'm not prone to share the blatant truth about certain friendships, or my opinion on who i am terribly concerned about.  that i've been in a rut with my art lately, and although my journals are on the table, welcoming me and inviting me to join them, that i have nothing to give them at the moment.  i've been exhausted from a stupid sinus infection and it's taken a toll on me.  i have no energy and i'm even starting to have a little pity party for, it's not perfect over on this end of the world. but i do try and usually succeed in embracing the beautiful.  so, that's typically what i share here.
 i think that's the beauty of our blogs...we can visit our "friends" and be inspired by the beauty we find there.  but it's also maybe just as important to share the messy and the ugly sometimes too, and that we all understand that we are all in this thing support, love, and surround each other with hope and understanding.  so, thank you sperlygirl for sharing the raw truth and photos in your post~ you do inspire me more than you know.  you help keep my little dream of italy alive and i love you for that. xo

i just found this blog and love the photography ....i only wish i new french!!
i really want to try one of these!
i LOVE the lyrics to this song
and i can't wait til september when i get to make art with HER!!

~~~~~~~happy summer~~~~~~~


  1. I think sometimes people forget that everyone has messy in their lives and it's a good reminder once in a while. Thanks for sharing and I love Judy Wise and totally jealous that you get to create with her in the Fall! :-)

    1. thanks joyce~ and you are welcome to come in the fall and create with us!!
      details on judy's blog~~~~ :)