Friday, May 11, 2012

about may~

may is for mother's day~
and for my dear friend's birthday
and my aunt ginny's birthday...
and the month that my mom died...

i miss her so much 
i want her here for mother's day
i want to hug her one more time~

my daughter in the pool....taken by my other daughter~
they both LOVE taking pictures!
this one i LOVE.

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sending big love to all of you mom's out there...and to anyone who has a birthday this month!
and to anyone who has lost a loved one .
wishing you a heart filled with memories and soulful moments with those you love~


  1. what a fantastic photo!!! oh my goodness...i know that may is a bittersweet month for you - sending you love and light and may the many wonderful memories help to carry you over your grief, my friend. xx s

  2. Kim, that photo of your daughter is picture-perfect :) Greetings, Eef