Sunday, April 15, 2012

sunday morning journal making~

  this morning i had a few friends over and we  made teesha moore's amazing   16 page journal.
as always, we had a great time just getting together in my studio, "heART space".  this journal is so easy to make, and fun to work in.

i love making my own journals and this is one i will make again and again....probably adding a few more pages next time.  here is the 2nd part of the journal instructions.  we used the fabriano paper that she recommends AND i ordered the waxed thread from her all worked out great.

melissa manley....working in her new journal!! 

and annie...using her new pan pastels in her new journal ....
we are all excited about judy wise coming here to teach in september~~~~
wanna sign up??!!  
go HERE to get a seat before it fills up!
spots are going's gonna be an awesome retreat.
hope you are having a beautiful and relaxing sunday~

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