Monday, April 23, 2012

my cup runneth over...

literally, my cup ran over this morning.  it couldn't be a more beautiful day, the surf is just about perfect, and the sun is shining.  i took a short walk on the beach and found a plastic cup at the beginning of my walk.  i ended up filling it up with litter...mostly cigarette butts....(37) in a very short amount of time.
other items i found were plastic bags, a straw, a pacifier, a shotgun shell, gum wrappers and other various items....but guessed it!....cigerette butts.
this is a problem ....and it comes with many concerns.
danielle is constantly out here picking up litter (mostly cigerette butts) and continues to document her progress.  check out her blog and all the work she does to help make this beautiful beach of ours clean for us all to enjoy. 

my new moleskine journal came in the mail!!  i am so happy to have this new journal to play in and couldn't wait to spill a little paint on the first pages.

and here's one i'm working on for my niece.  she will be 18 soon and i wanted to make her something special for her birthday~

and a few of my journal pages that i'm working on....mostly putting down a little color and i'll get to the writing and more collage's always a working progress and i love having lots of pages going at once.  i work best that way.

have a beautiful day~

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