Tuesday, April 3, 2012

cherishing memories

i was checking in with jen gray this morning ...(i love her blog)~ 
 and ran across this blog.  reading this really makes me want to go somewhere!  

i just realized how quickly the flowers in these pots came back to life.  it's so awesome that every spring they come back and just keep giving and giving. the succulents will be full of blooms in about a month......  the little bird statue was my mom's....(cherish)~

i've been playing in journals a lot lately, but somehow feel like i'm stuck....i have so many journals and i have been going back and forth, prepping a page here and there, so that when i'm more inspired i can come back to it.  i love using the hand-carved stamps for backgrounds.....

i've been doing a lot of writing over writing....it's a great way to get things out and down on the page without anyone being able to read it.  AND i like the way it looks...

i have a secret birthday wish and if it comes true i will share it here~
(fingers crossed)!!!

"patient love grows strong"

hand-carved stamps

"art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

"on the verge of a memory, floating on the vessel of my soul"

with my birthday coming up on the 8th, i have been consumed with memories of my mom.  she was the best at celebrating my birthday with me....i have so many awesome memories of us together and  this time of year i start to miss her more and more and wish so much that she was here to celebrate with me now.~


  1. Dear Kim,

    Loved your post. I can relate to what you say about flowers and plants in spring. They show us strength and determination (after a cold winter) and they show us beauty. I totally adore your journals, wow, they are absolutely gorgeous. Is it private or do you sell them? No,I mean (off course you do not sell your private diary!) that would be great books with quotes and everything for other people to get inspired by. I know I would love a book like that with quotes about life and love... wow, really amazing stuff :) Dear Kim I wish you all the best for your birthday, a day filled with memories and joyfull bliss... I sent you birthday hugs from the other side of the ocean, love Eef xxx

  2. buon compleanno, kim! (a little late) but i hope it may be your best year yet. :)