Thursday, March 8, 2012

for the children....

yesterday my youngest daughter came to me and said, "mom you have to watch this.".....i saw that is was 29 minutes long and thought i might watch some of it, but i'm right in the middle of something.  i ended up watching it in it's entirety with my daughter and was moved to tears and also outraged.  when my older daughter came home from school, she immediately told me about a video i HAD to watch....i told her i had already seen it....she too, was outraged and upset by the video.  both my girls said to their dad the minute he walked in the door that he had to watch the video.  so we all sat in front of the computer watching it together.  all i know is that i have to spread the word at least.  in addition to buying the kit, it's the least i can do. that, and pray that this guy has the right idea and that the bad guy will be brought to justice.  so, if you have 29 minutes, please watch this video and spread it like a virus, wherever you can, spread the word.

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