Wednesday, March 7, 2012

celebrations and traditions

13 is the magic number~
finally a teenager and not a tween or a "kid" anymore.
there is such a reason to celebrate, but also, for me ( the mom) 
yearn for the days gone by...the little teeny baby that used to need me
so much, and loved to be held all the time.  the toddler that was so cute and 
funny....her own little language," lello", instead of yellow....and "i can do it
mine own self"......little memories and silly times that will just have to do as
memories now.  she is beautiful and kind.  has a big heart and shows compassion.
growing up is all part of this big thing we call life.....and i adore her and what
she is becoming.....who she is and what she stands for.
she still loves that i bring out the birthday table cloth, that we make tacos for dinner, and
homemade cookie cake to eat with friends and family.
  that she gets to stay home from school on her birthday....
and that her dad tells her "happy birthday" at the exact time she was born...6:26 pm.
we love the traditions and celebrating yet another year of awesomeness~

this is the best birthday candle i've ever seen!! once you light it,
 the flame shoots up and the flower starts spinning while playing 
the happy birthday tune!  it pretty much 
had everyone mesmerized and was quite the conversation piece!!
you can find it HERE.....
i will definitely be getting more of these for the birthday peeps in my life!!

have a beautiful day...and listen to this~

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  1. Hi Kim,

    What a lovely daughter you have... Congratulations on her 13th birthday! Enjoy all the celebrations and happiness together... Greetings, Eef