Saturday, March 10, 2012

art journal love~

~follow your heart and you will be gifted with all the blessings you need to 
carry you through anything life has to offer~

for years now, i have kept journals.  art journals, writing journals, recipe name it.
the thing is that i never get tired of journaling.  i love that i can do whatever i feel at the moment.  no worries about what it looks like, or the outcome.  it's all about the process and the journey as i go.  so much has come out on my journal pages that i wonder where i would be if i didn't have this outlet.....stranded, stuck, drowning in grief.  my journal pages help me to release so much and also help me to celebrate and document so much (in a non-traditional way)~  i love that there are no rules, and no one to judge or question my work.  my journals are mine to view and share.  to look back in time and see where i was then, and where i am now.  to see how i've evolved and to remind me to always be myself.  
no matter how long i've journaled and how much i've learned along the way, i always have space for more inspiration and more learning.  i can't think of a better way to explore and grow through art journaling than to take a class with judy wise.  i would say she is one of the queens of art journaling.  (she's just one of the queens all together really!).... it starts monday, so check it out and join in on the fun.
she is an awesome teacher and honestly, taking her classes, seeing her art,  and reading her blog makes me want to get on a plane to oregon and hang out with her in her garden, and of course, her art studio!!
hope to see you there~


THIS is one of my new favorites~  thanks sperlygirl.
and THIS inspires me beyond belief....go HERE to read more about these boys~~~

taken by lacie~  the sky at dusk

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