Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the art of writing a letter and the thrill of finding vintage treasures~

remember when we used to run out to the mailbox hoping for a letter from someone?  whether it be a grandparent, a friend, or even a pen pal.  there was something about getting a handwritten letter.  i was going through some old photos recently and found so many letters from my grandma lu and cards from friends.  unfortunately, handwritten letters or anything else for that matter are becoming obsolete.  i still love to write letters and send cards to friends ...and i love leaving little notes behind for my girls and husband, but i started thinking about what they will leave behind??  will we dig up old phone records and read their text messages??  the art of letter writing is slowly dying.  wanna join me and keep it going?  even if it's just a quick note to let someone know you're thinking of them, write it     down and send it in the mail.  the joy of receiving a letter in the mail is worth your effort~
* the photo above is a letter to my mother-n-law from her grand dad.  she has kept it all these years.

vintage clam basket that my dad gave me~
i LOVE finding anything old.  my dad had a few of his old clam baskets hanging in his garage and said i could have them!!  yay for me....he is always giving me little treasures.  

here are a few more of my recent finds....
it works!!  found this cute little fan at a local vintage shop .  $30.

i thought this was a cheerful piece...and imagine the cute little lady who did
all the needlework....it reminds me of my grandma lu.  $10.

i got the wicker table for $30.
the lamp on top is from my dad and i used an old clam basket for the shade~
love how it looks at night on my porch.
the flower pot is from my grandma.

my dad gave me the old tin match holder....
his brother gave it to him.

bottles from my dad~

vintage tea tin.  perfect condition.
$1.00 at a yard sale!

i have been looking for a while for a bed for my daughter.
found this on craigslist.  $100.  
it's awesome, heavy and has a footboard too.
love it~~~~

from the same lady i got the bed from....free!!!

my new (old) clock.  works perfect.
$5.00 at a thrift store.....

i just love finding these deals on old stuff.....i think it would be fun to have a vintage shop one day~~~~~

Saturday, March 10, 2012

art journal love~

~follow your heart and you will be gifted with all the blessings you need to 
carry you through anything life has to offer~

for years now, i have kept journals.  art journals, writing journals, recipe journals...you name it.
the thing is that i never get tired of journaling.  i love that i can do whatever i feel at the moment.  no worries about what it looks like, or the outcome.  it's all about the process and the journey as i go.  so much has come out on my journal pages that i wonder where i would be if i didn't have this outlet.....stranded, stuck, drowning in grief.  my journal pages help me to release so much and also help me to celebrate and document so much (in a non-traditional way)~  i love that there are no rules, and no one to judge or question my work.  my journals are mine to view and share.  to look back in time and see where i was then, and where i am now.  to see how i've evolved and to remind me to always be myself.  
no matter how long i've journaled and how much i've learned along the way, i always have space for more inspiration and more learning.  i can't think of a better way to explore and grow through art journaling than to take a class with judy wise.  i would say she is one of the queens of art journaling.  (she's just one of the queens all together really!).... it starts monday, so check it out and join in on the fun.
she is an awesome teacher and honestly, taking her classes, seeing her art,  and reading her blog makes me want to get on a plane to oregon and hang out with her in her garden, and of course, her art studio!!
hope to see you there~


THIS is one of my new favorites~  thanks sperlygirl.
and THIS inspires me beyond belief....go HERE to read more about these boys~~~

taken by lacie~  the sky at dusk

Thursday, March 8, 2012

for the children....

yesterday my youngest daughter came to me and said, "mom you have to watch this.".....i saw that is was 29 minutes long and thought i might watch some of it, but i'm right in the middle of something.  i ended up watching it in it's entirety with my daughter and was moved to tears and also outraged.  when my older daughter came home from school, she immediately told me about a video i HAD to watch....i told her i had already seen it....she too, was outraged and upset by the video.  both my girls said to their dad the minute he walked in the door that he had to watch the video.  so we all sat in front of the computer watching it together.  all i know is that i have to spread the word at least.  in addition to buying the kit, it's the least i can do. that, and pray that this guy has the right idea and that the bad guy will be brought to justice.  so, if you have 29 minutes, please watch this video and spread it like a virus, wherever you can, spread the word.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

celebrations and traditions

13 is the magic number~
finally a teenager and not a tween or a "kid" anymore.
there is such a reason to celebrate, but also, for me ( the mom)...to 
yearn for the days gone by...the little teeny baby that used to need me
so much, and loved to be held all the time.  the toddler that was so cute and 
funny....her own little language," lello", instead of yellow....and "i can do it
mine own self"......little memories and silly times that will just have to do as
memories now.  she is beautiful and kind.  has a big heart and shows compassion.
growing up is all part of this big thing we call life.....and i adore her and what
she is becoming.....who she is and what she stands for.
she still loves that i bring out the birthday table cloth, that we make tacos for dinner, and
homemade cookie cake to eat with friends and family.
  that she gets to stay home from school on her birthday....
and that her dad tells her "happy birthday" at the exact time she was born...6:26 pm.
we love the traditions and celebrating yet another year of awesomeness~

this is the best birthday candle i've ever seen!! once you light it,
 the flame shoots up and the flower starts spinning while playing 
the happy birthday tune!  it pretty much 
had everyone mesmerized and was quite the conversation piece!!
you can find it HERE.....
i will definitely be getting more of these for the birthday peeps in my life!!

have a beautiful day...and listen to this~