Wednesday, February 1, 2012

spread love

hello february.  i love you and all that you stand for!
thank you for starting off so warm and beautiful.  the most perfect day to go to the beach and leave little messages for anyone to find.  i can hardly believe it's 70 degrees!  this is gonna be a great month.  valentine's dad's friend's birthday, AND my anniversary.  oh, how i love february~

"it is good to love many things, for therein lies strength,
 and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much,  and what is done with love is well done."

- van gogh

i started my morning (after getting my girls to school).... with a walk on the beach.  armed with my camera, my journal,  a pencil and some red paint pens, i took off in search of some feathers, shells and unfortunately trash to pick up.  after reading danielle's blog, i have wanted to make it priority to pick up even more trash than before and be acutely more aware of the problem that litter is on wrightsville beach.    i was looking today more than before for cigarette butts and picked up over 25 in a short time.  (wow)....a few bottle caps, some plastic, a straw, but mostly cigarette butts.  after i posted the link to danielle's blog, the video and the petition, it occurred to me that some people may not like the idea of making rules about not smoking on the beach, or even that people blog about it.  that some people aren't so nice to people who put it out there in such a big way that it makes some noise~  i'm not usually one to post anything other than my feelings, my art, my jewelry here....never politics or controversial issues.  i've learned the hard way to keep certain things to myself.  but here's what i believe.  anyone who is offended by a video, blogpost or just the plain effort of another person trying to make a difference, no matter what that difference is, needs to get over it~  we all have our things.  and if someone is trying to teach her children well, or make a difference at the beach she loves, then so be it.  i imagine the ones that are upset are maybe the very ones who are part of the problem. (or people who just don't like rules).... i don't usually rant here (too much).....but i am sad that people can be mean to others who are only trying to make a positive difference in the world.  so i say to YOU....whoever you are out there making a difference......whatever you believe in......MAKE NOISE....make a difference....keep trying....don't stop believing.....keep up the good work....and don't listen to negative people trying to stop you or shut you up.  get out there and fight for what you believe in,   and in the process...SPREAD LOVE.  spread hope and your message...oh, and give yourself a big hug for being brave.  
and to anyone who might be upset about a cigarette ban at the about the effects of toxins from cigarettes and what they do to the environment......and keep in mind that for years, people have had trash cans to throw trash in and some people just don't do it....they've screwed it up for the ones who do act responsibly.  it's litter.  it's not okay to litter.  remember that cigarette butts are the number one littered item worldwide..... wrightsville beach also has certain times that it's okay to walk dogs on the beach....a leash law....(let your dog poop on the beach and man you will be in trouble)....this is no different than any of the other laws that have been put into place because people needed the rules.....
oh, i'm a serious color outside the lines kind of girl....maybe even a rebel....but sometimes rules have to be made~  :)

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