Tuesday, February 7, 2012

love is...

LOVE IS.........all you need , really~

accordion book made with hot press watercolor paper,
re-purposed ribbon and buttons that my friend, (mindy) gave me, 
stitched paper heart for cover, and decorative stitching along the edge.

my new journal (moleskine)....
notes on italy.  this is my "dream board" in the form
of a journal!  my dream of italy is getting closer to reality. 
just to write about it and learn more makes it more real
for me.  after my mom was diagnosed with recurring ovarian 
cancer, the first question she asked her doctor was, "will i 
have time to go to italy"?  my heart sank as i sat in the chair
beside her.  he shook his head and said no to her.  her dream
was never going to happen.  she was dying and we all knew it.
the determination to hold those tears inside was fierce for me.  
i had to be strong for her, but my heart was broken into a thousand
pieces.  the business of grieving is different for everyone...
spreading my mom's ashes in the salty creek behind my aunt ginny's 
house on her birthday a few months after she died was one of the most
heart-wrenching things i've ever done.  i couldn't bear the thought of 
spreading them all.....i knew i needed to keep some of her ashes to take
to italy one day.  so, here i am.  the beginning of what will be my mom's 
trip to italy.  a promise i made that i have to keep.  

at first, i was thinking that august would be a good
time to go, since that was her birthday month......but
everything i read about traveling there in august makes
me want to wait until spring.
so, maybe april???? my birthday month!!
my goal is next april, but i will see how it all unfolds......

"raise your words, not voice.  it is rain that grows flowers,
not thunder."     rumi

abstract drawing....lesson from misty's class...

notes on tuscany.  my mom's favorite movie ever...."under the tuscan sun".
she knew every line!  i will take her there~  

a journal prompt from misty's class......
i am sad that this is the last week and have loved starting the new year with
her.  always inspiring and a beautiful soul~

abstract painting.
another lesson from misty's class.....
different than anything i've ever done, i really didn't like this at all.
the phases it went through were pretty crazy!  i wish i would have taken photos
 of the process because the outcome is SO different from the beginning and middle, etc....
so, i had this thrown aside because i really don't love it.  and my daughter comes in the 
art room and goes on and on about how much she likes it....and that i should frame it....blah
blah, blah!  i disagree, but it made me realize and remember that art lies in the eye of the 
beholder.  we each have our own taste in art and music and everything in between!  
i love that she loves it.  i don't, but now i will keep it, instead of painting over it~
thank you misty for all of the assignments that stretch us....and bring awareness and understanding
of art in all of it's forms~
you rock!

my love. 
 sitting on the billboard in hatteras just after "endless summer II" came out.
(i'm wondering how we climbed up there)!!!
and it was 18 years ago that we went there in my old volvo wagon, music wide open, windows down and surf boards and tent in tow.  not knowing how life would unfold for us, but knowing for sure that we were 
in love.  not knowing at the time that we would marry the february after this photo was
taken....that we would have two beautiful daughters, and that we would still be in love
all these years later.  xo

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  1. Dear Kim,

    I love your blog and especially this post about your gorgeous diary about Italy. The story about your mum really touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. I really hope you pursue this dream of visiting Italy. I live in Belgium, that is about 1500 kilometres from Italy. I have never been there but my boyfriend has and it is really an adorable country. The Italian lifestyle is very typical and easy to fall in love with :) I hope you enjoy your trip. I wish you all the best of luck with your blog, your beautiful artwork (yes, I love the last abstract painting as well as your daughter :) it's playful and colourful :))and the preparations of your journey abroad. So kind of you to link my page here too. I'm also in contact with Danielle of it starts with me... Take care and all the best to you, warmest regards, Eef (peaceful protest against litter) xxx