Monday, January 30, 2012

make a difference~

"individually we are one drop, 
and together we are the ocean"

~by the sea, by the the beautiful sea~

several years ago (maybe 12) i decided to go down to the beach and pick up cigarette butts.
i couldn't believe the amount of people that just threw their cigarette butts on the ground, in the sand, out a car window....
i spread the word and got a few people together and we met at the wrightsville beach police department and took off with our bags to collect butts.  at the time i wasn't thinking about counting the amount we picked up, or documenting our progress; or even doing this weekly, monthly or regularly.  i just knew that i wanted to  get some litter off the beach and was astonished that all the people dropping those butts didn't consider it to be litter (or didn't care).  since then i have picked up many butts off the beach, combed masonboro island for trash and been to many beach sweeps. 
HERE is a woman and her family who has gone above and beyond the call of duty, starting a grass roots effort and spreading the word far and wide that we need to do something about this problem.  please take a moment to watch this video, and to sign this petition.   i don't know of a single soul who doesn't love the ocean and the beach and this involves all of us.  so wherever you are, it would really help if you will sign the petition and spread this word, these links, and the spirit of helping our environment.  together,  we can all make a difference...we can all make a change. 
have a beautiful day :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

getting ready for valentine's day~~~~~

february.  almost here.  
the month that we celebrate LOVE~

i have a trunk show scheduled for february 11th and 12th 
here in wilmington, NC
please stop by if you are in the area.
here's a sneak peek at some of the pieces i've been working on~
"all you need is love"
copper heart, beautiful gem stone and antique key
 on sterling chunky chain.

"your soul is rooting for you"
dragonfly wing rolled on sterling silver, hand stamped with quote
on beaded silk cord.

"i carry your heart with me'
copper charm on beaded silk cord.

copper on sterling chain.

"i carry your heart"
copper with antique key on sterling chain.

rumi quote on copper cuff....has a dragonfly wing rolled onto it.

gift from the sea...with hand wrapped stone on leather cord.
assortment of sterling charms.
have a beautiful day~  it's sunny and warm here.  :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

studio love~

THIS is my studio mascot, "RIO".....
he keeps me company pretty much wherever i go and he was
taking a little nap today as i was rearranging and cleaning up in the art space~
his pillow, "love"...was made by me and my mom years ago when i was home sick
from school one day.  i think i was about 11 years old.....she was awesome like that.  

besides being completely inspired by misty mawn and loving the class and assignments...i have been
equally inspired and obsessed with getting my space more cozy and organized.  (as organized as i can be anyway....;)
so, i've been listening to some good tunes...and going a little crazy in the studio~
i've been working on journal prompts from misty's class...and also a bit of the pottery assignments.
the drawing (which i will not share at the moment) is not my strong point...although i'm trying to be a good student and do the assignments anyway:)...
one of the perks i guess of doing the class online is that i don't have to say the dog ate my charcoal drawing.....i can just not do it yet and that's okay~
i want to, i really's just that i know i'm not that good at it, and then i get all those murky water feelings and start to doubt i really an artist.....yada yada.....blah...blah...blah.....
so, instead, i have poured myself into the fun parts and am saving the real work for just a little later.
journal prompt from misty...."open studio"

another journal prompt....

paper clay dish using bits of nature for stamps...

my art studio

something about moving things around...makes me want to make something!!

i found this old bed cover that was my mom's and used it to hide this open space....
the quilt was made by my grandma and gifted to me last Christmas by my dad. xo

my mom's old roll top desk...perfect place for journals and ephemera
i LOVE really using it/ as opposed to just keeping  the glass doors closed
with things i don't really use in there.

the perfect stand for the glitter....AND i found that cute little funnel
at the flea market last week.  love it~

i love being surrounded with my favorite things.  sometimes they are tiny, but hugely important/
sentimental (to me).....this little bag is from suzanne...a.k.a. sperlygirl.   knowing i (dream) of going to italy
one day, she sent me the most lovely package with bits and pieces of inspiration from italy.  this, i love.
when someone hears what you say, and sends you such a thoughtful gift.....i'm still dreaming of italy...and still thankful 
to suzanne.  for sharing...for being thoughtful...and for her beautiful blog~

"make art".....

inspiration.....(thanks g.)

works in progress.....

"i am a vessel, traveling through time.  trying so hard to stay on course.
the wind is usually on my side, but sometimes causes me to sway off course.
it's okay, because i'm really good at paddling...
my heart is my compass, and it leads me exactly where i need to go.  
sometimes i just float for a while, and sometimes my memory gets me stranded.
everything is good.  i'm okay with it all.  even the murky waters.  i have to swim harder sometimes.
nostalgia sets in.
i crave yesterday.
moments and memories that i can never ever have again. 
sweet summer nights, lightning bugs all around.
dinners on the porch.
my mom.  
yearning for yesterday is all i can do.  
it will never be the same.
so i have today.  
and i have a million lovely blessings in my life.
filled with tiny lessons.  and big lessons.
i still fly.  
i still swim.
i still paddle.
float, swim, paddle."

Thursday, January 19, 2012

in memory~

remembering john stevens

january 19, 1993 john stevens passed away at age 34...leaving behind his beautiful wife, libby and his 3 beautiful children.  john was one of those guys that everyone loved and he had this larger than life personality.  in addition to being a really good surfer, he was well known in the construction industry and 
could be seen around the beach with his little son, ross in a backpack while hammering nails, ~  he was pretty darn cool, handsome and witty,  and to this day is missed and still cherished by his family and friends.  i'm blessed to have had his family in my life all these years and am thankful for them all~

Sunday, January 15, 2012

i am here.....

taking it all in....
misty mawn's online class is filled with so much information and beautiful art....lessons and assignments...journal prompts..good recipes!  i knew it would be awesome, and it is~
one of the most fascinating things to me is how misty starts off a painting or a drawing, and the stages it goes through before the beautiful end result.  so i've been thinking that life is a lot like a painting.  we go through so many different stages and sometimes they aren't all pretty.  there are parts and times where we can see what is about to unfold....and then all of a sudden it changes and we might find ourselves in a completely different place and going a different direction than we thought we would be.  as the painting unfolds and reveals itself, it is so often completely different than what we imagined it would look like.  such is life.  and that's the best thing about it i guess.....we never really know what we are doing and how it's all gonna turn out~  all i can hope is that in the end it will be as beautiful and full as the art i love.  

journal page from prompt in misty's class...

a writing prompt ...


filled with peace.
aware that i am a lucky one.
trying new things and remembering to just be me.
feeling pressure~but only from myself.
loving winter and craving spring.
in love.
and in awe.

remembering to cherish all good moments. 
to store them in the shadows of my soul 
so i can go back to them as needed.
on fire with ambition~
with dreams~
with creativity.
soaking it in while it's here.
trying not to fear and not to worry.
my heart worries sometimes.
too much loss left me wounded 
and my heart raw on one side.
 healing .
enjoying the warmth of coffee and flames from the fire.
awaiting all good things.
i am here


 my baby (oldest baby)...just turned 15..(that's her on the left)....which i can hardly even believe~
we celebrated her birthday here with friends and family 
and my house was filled with laughter.
it was a beautiful night~

photo taken by lacie beller

and my sweet big funny and cute....and a little stubborn.
but i just love him to pieces.  

despite your unbearable faults and fissures,you are still 
a thing of beauty,a rare creature, a snowflake,a singular,
 spectacular atom circumnavigating the tangled
 astronomyof your life the only way you know how. "
maya stein