Sunday, December 25, 2011


wishing you all a peaceful day filled with joy and love

   (photo taken by lacie beller)

the gifts are many and the joys are abundant here today.  looking around, i am feeling so blessed ...with family,...friends (so many really good friends)....and my beautiful two dogs and my two cats.  
  everyone is pretty laid back at the moment and the house is quiet.  the excitement from this morning wore off earlier and we are all enjoying the relaxing evening.  
i'm thinking about anyone out there who might be lonely or sad this Christmas.  all of the heroes in the military...spending the day without family, and their families without them.  anyone who has lost someone recently, or even not so recently.  i know from experience how hard the holidays are after loss. the absence of my mom is still haunting and hard to believe even after a few years.  and what about those who have lost their job....maybe lost there home?  my heart goes out to all who might be struggling in any way this season.  i hope that everyone has found a way to be helpful and loving to someone who needs it.  pay it forward, leave a small gift for someone without them knowing who it's from.  share food...donate money to charities...leave a love note or painted rock for someone.....there are so many ways to give a simple gift or act of kindness and hopefully we will all make time to do that all year round.  wishing you all many blessings and healing where needed and most of all lots of love.
~~~~ merry Christmas~~~~

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  1. Kim...wishing you a year of renewal and remembering, of joy and wonderment, of knowing TRULY that your mom is still with you, just not in physical have much beauty and love to share and she is the one that gave you so much of what you are now able to share with others..much love across the ocean ♥