Tuesday, November 22, 2011

giving thanks

this is the only photo i have of my mom on her last thanksgiving.
how i wish this day could be here again.  that i could help her with all of the cooking, hear her lovely laugh and her calming voice.  she was grace and love.  and she spread it wherever she went, and to whoever she had the chance to get to know.  
so, as we approach thanksgiving and the beginning of the holiday season, i am overwhelmed with thanks and appreciation.  for the many memories i have of my sweet mom who left us all way to soon, and for the new memories that i'm creating here with my girls and family and friends.  so much happens and we sometimes take for granted the gifts of friendships and of people we love.  and although we all go through life with trials and tribulations, in the end, family is the most important thing we have.  
wishing everyone out there a beautiful thanksgiving and the chance to embrace all of the blessings and each family member or friend in a special way.  
because we never know when the time will come that we won't have that chance again.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

the way it was~

fireflies in mason jars on summer nights.....to light the way for walks around the neighborhood after supper
2 channels on t.v. that we hardly ever watched
the beverly hillbillies and gilligan's isle
8 track tapes and turn tables
honey bees and honey to sell at the local IGA at grandma lu's
fishing with dad late at night because the tide was just right
eating raw oysters and not worrying about getting sick
riding bikes all over the neighborhood and parents not even the least bit worried about where you were....
as long as you're back by supper time
yes ma'am and no sir
a pop in the mouth for talking rude or dis respectful.....so it hardly ever happened
trail rides with friends for hours....bare back and no boundaries
phones that plugged in to the wall for goodness sakes
vinyl swivel dining room chairs
the carpenters and johnny cash
hand-me-downs was the lottery
patches on all the clothes i owned and happy for it
2 pairs of shoes....1 for play and 1 for church
family dinners every night
chicken and stars  for lunch and potted meat sandwiches for camping trips
always something to do and never bored
grandparents were just as much family as mom and dad
black labs and beagle puppies
making jewelry with telephone wire
macrame hanging baskets
the price is right 
dad in his recliner every night for the evening news
the biggest and best ever climbing trees everywhere
mud puddles and ditches
metal gliders and lanterns on the porch
simple holidays with more memories than i can shake a stick at
swimming pools and playing in aunt ginny's make-up and closet
magic potions
striking matches and being scared to death of getting caught
the love of a wacky family and knowing nothing different or better
dang i miss those days.........

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

the face of autumn

it's like the sound of a memory.  when autumn rolls around i am so ready for it.  the crisp cool weather, it seems so clean and reminds me of so many things....it's my melancholy time of year. reflecting on the summer fun, but glad it's cooling off and we're moving on.  remembering the last thanksgiving my sweet mama was here and so thankful that our whole family got together to be with her.  her contagious and gentle smile.  it's like a whole bunch of memories come flooding in....so many, it's hard to remember them all.  i've always loved this season as it has so much to offer and comes around just in time. a time to renew and remember. my soul is laughing out loud and i am so grateful, blessed and renewed.  

we just got back from the mountains and it was amazing. (as it is every time i've ever been)......this is the morning view from our cabin, before the sun came up and gave the most magnificent light to the valley and all of the mountains.  the colors on the leaves  were still beautiful and many of the memories have left an imprint on my heart already.
i was telling my girls that i hope the hour long wait in a line to eat at the dan'l boone inn will be a memory that they will want to tell one day.  we didn't know that there was a college game and that it would be bumper to bumper and packed in boone that day.  after some fun shopping and walking around downtown in the light snow, drooling over at least a dozen pairs of boots at the western shop, we decided to go eat at the dan'l boone inn.  i ate there about 25 years ago and just couldn't wait to get there.  they bring you a salad with homemade buttermilk ranch dressing the minute you sit down....followed by a full on country style meal (the kind my grandma used to make every sunday) and they keep the bowls coming until you are so full that you almost have to waddle out.  i can still remember sitting there so long ago with my friends.  the lazy susan filled with bowls full of southern home cooking and the hike afterwards.  it's amazing, the gift of a memory.  

happy autumn~xo