Saturday, October 8, 2011


today i will have no regrets
i will love and cherish the beautiful moments that happened today
i will remember and be thankful for times with my mother
i will be strong and brave
and also maybe a little weak
but that's okay too.
today i will live in the moment and not dwell on any of the moments
i will watch the sun set and hope for a rainbow
then i saw a rainbow for real....
i will remember that all moments pass quickly 
and i had better be here for them
one hundred percent be HERE
i will be the best me i can be 
and i'll know that everyone else is doing the same
we are all one
we are all in this together 
and we all have our days
i will be thankful for the blessings i'm surrounded with
i will know every moment that i am love and am loved
and i am thankful for each and every one of you

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