Wednesday, October 12, 2011

meet beau ~


this is beau.  a very sweet and beautiful appaloosa. (i know, no spots)!!
i met him last friday and have ever since been waiting to hear
if we could get him. i took him out on a trail ride and he's a dream.
i fell in love and have been "chomping at the bit" all weekend.
about 2 months ago, my oldest daughter came to me and had to have 
serious talk.  she asked me to please not say anything and to just think
about what she has to say.  but DON'T give her an answer yet!  Well, 
she gave a fine speech about how she has been investigating the cost and 
the facts of "owning" a horse.  AND  unbeknownst to me, she had already
saved almost $500.00 to put toward a horse.  so, here's the don't
have to talk me into it.  i've wanted a horse since i was about 8 years old.  
i just couldn't understand why we couldn't turn my dad's garden into a horse 
pasture.....none of his reasons to not get a horse made sense to me!  i was 
lucky enough to have friends with more than one horse and i always had
a horse to ride.  i wouldn't take anything for the memories i have of me and 
my girlfriends riding all over the place on horses.  even swimming in the inracoastal
waterway with them!  we had a blast.  
so when my babe comes to me with her speech about getting a horse of our own, 
i told her all we need to do is get your dad on board and we can do it!  i wish i 
had a photo of the presentation poster that she and her sister made to help their 
case, but i don't.  let's just say it was VERY convincing, filled with every photo of
every horse we've ever been around....and with facts about cost and owning, etc.
i have to tell you they really did their research and made a very strong case 
for why they wanted a horse so bad.  
my man took one look at me, then at them and said....."sure, we can get a horse"....
so, the hunt began!  

 we are already in love.  

"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man"
                                                                           Winston Churchill

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