Sunday, July 24, 2011

the joys of summer~


there's nothing like taking an outdoor shower on a hot july summer morning.
the sound of the birds chirping and playing, the morning sun beaming through the massive oak trees and the pure fresh air....i just love taking showers outside.  my man built this awesome shower for us.  using an old door that we've had sitting in the shed for a few years and some hard work and lots of sweat..the finished product is just perfect..................

the shower that lenny built.......

~crossing over the emerald isle bridge~

last week we went to atlantic beach to meet friends there.  they were on their family vacation and we were able to spend a few days with them.  the drive from wilmington to atlantic beach is only about 2 hours, so my girls and i took a little road trip!  the weather was perfect and the company was even better.

good friends~


i had never met my friend, laura's family before and they all welcomed us with open arms.  we enjoyed beach time together, shell seeking and shopping and at the end of the day, perfect summer dinners.
the last night we were there, laura's sister cooked up the best meal.....truly the definition of summer!  fresh shrimp, corn on the cob, tomato pie, fresh buttered bread and of course....key lime pie for desert!
the laughter at the table was contagious and the stories were priceless!   it was really special to be among such a big, fun, and loving family~

THANK YOU BETH!  .......
i would like to thank beth (do what you love for life)  for sharing my story on her beautiful blog.  
we all have a story to tell....and beth does a wonderful job of sharing the stories of many .....whether you already are doing what you love, or know what you want to do, she shares your journey with others.  her stories are inspiring and soulful.  

making time for art in the heat of the summer~

a little something i just finished up....."me and you under the stars". 
(plaster and wire sculpture)


  1. What fun to create at the beach...a little sand in the plaster perhaps. Love the turquoise and red combinations...a real summer time favorite. You will long cherish these memories, every time you look at your plaster works.

  2. I just read your interview on "do what you love for life"-I was touched and inspired! I love that you found your creativeness and are exploring all the opportunities! Love your items!