Tuesday, July 5, 2011

about my heart

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"about my heart...
in love.
out of love.
for real.
in flight.

"your heart is your compass.....follow it"

yes, i'm trying to follow my heart, wherever it goes.  sometimes things get all fuzzy and make me dizzy......i lose focus and my sense of direction, then all of a sudden i'm back on track again~ 
my journals, my jewelry, my art.....it's all about following your heart. (my heart)......it keeps coming up over and over, this heart thing.  so, here it is...me, following my heart~

"me and you under the stars"

when the going gets tough....i make something!  i've said so many times...."art saves me"!  if i can get my hands dirty, or hammer a piece of metal, or make a mess with a little paint, i can get through the rough patches.  as awesome as this little life of mine is....there can be challenges and bumps that make me crazy sometimes!!  so, i break out the plaster, the paint, or the hammer, and make something that makes me happy as i swim through the muddy waters.  art gets me through~

i'm a little obsessed with making books these days......and this little baby is made with plaster gauze.  i've yet to glue the canvas binding, but when it's finished it will be filled with my favorite quotes.  the shell on the front is made from a mold of a shell that i found in costa rica.  i love the texture of the plaster and how it accepts the paint and i love how chunky the book is.  

more hearts.....
i've been working on new jewels for my etsy shop and for  ARTFUL LIVING ,  a quaint little artsy spot in the heart of carolina beach.  

and.......i just found this today....my new favorite blog......this girl has it going on in the video department.  i just love her style, music and images in her videos.  it's an inspiring little place to visit if you get a moment to peek!

"be forever grateful for the memories that are kept in the depths of your heart-
for this will keep you going when the flame is only a flicker and
 the darkness is approaching the soul.
the memories will light the way" 

for j.h.  from me~

 my moleskine journal....i love this technique  .   

oh, and happy july~  beautiful, hot, steamy, july.

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