Thursday, June 30, 2011

about june~

photos removed from this post due to tech problems....

i can hardly believe june has flown by.....always a busy month with school getting out and summer here in full force~
  i was in manteo for a little while teaching a "play-shop" and seeing some friends.  what a sweet little town to visit!

in the midst of teaching and visiting and playing in manteo, i had got to do some art journaling too.
one thing i've known, but continue to learn on an even deeper level is that art saves me.  no matter where i am and what the circumstances, i can always whip out my art journal and get it out in some fashion.

sometimes, flying is the hardest part......

there's been a big mess in my little studio this month too.....i've been playing along with stephanie lee and judy wise in their plaster studio workshop.  what fun!!  i remember making things with plaster when i was younger, but i didn't have the full appreciation for art in all its forms then.  i think i just did some hand prints and that's about it!  thanks to stephanie and judy, i've found new uses for plaster and have another creative outlet for myself!!  (a little dangerous, yes....but so much fun)~

my little boat, before paint......

after paint.....but still not finished.  
i love the rough and raw texture of plaster and i love how it feels to get your hands in it!

i found a purple starfish once, here at wrightsville was so pretty.....
i wanted to make one to keep forever.  it's not the same as the one on the beach that i saw but didn't take because it was still alive and vibrant with life and color, but i like it!  i still have a little painting to do, but this is it for now.

my friend jen called me last weekend and told me about a yard sale she found where 4 artists were selling their stuff.....
of course i jumped in the truck (my man came along too) and we were off to see what we could find.
it turned out that the 4 girls were friends of mine and they had all kinds of goodies that i couldn't resist!!  
i found this sign for $5.  and love it!  i've seen these at NOFO (a favorite gift shop)  for $45.
i also found lots of paints, papers, a fold out 6 foot long table, some yarn, stamps and hole punches.....but i love the sign the best!!  it's hanging in my kitchen so everyone knows the deal here..."be nice, or leave"

i will be teaching another "play-shop" here in wilmington with melissa manley sat. july 16th....9-5
"book-making journey" at heART space.  we're doing this here in my apartment/studio.
making a book with a copper etched stamp and also hand carving a stamp to use again and again.
we will teach lots of journaling/collage/photo techniques to use and will have plenty of time to create a unique and beautiful book together.  
cost of play-shop is $95. and includes all supplies, lunch, snack and inspiration~
call for more info. or to sign up...910-231-5576

and this is our new baby...."rio"~
he loves sunflowers too!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

i think i'm in love with plaster~

it's getting a little crazy around here!......
i just got my copy of plaster studio because i signed up for judy wise and stephanie lee's plaster workshop.  their book came in the mail just after i got my copy of misty mawn's new book, unfurling.  so, of course i have been an art/plaster/book-making/journaling/painting/sketching junkie and have hardly had time to get anything else done.  (taking girls to school and a little time for surfing).  i've been knee deep in plaster and can't put my journals down......ideas are swirling in my head, even in the middle of the night!  it's a great feeling to have the creative flow flowing. sometimes the well is dry and there's nothing.  but now it's flowing like a waterfall.  i can't stop myself~  AND i'm getting ready for the "book-making journey" workshop that i will be teaching in manteo with melissa manley on
june 18th.   inspiration is everywhere.  i'm so grateful to you misty, and you judy, and you stephanie for sharing your knowledge and inspiring people everywhere to create and find joy through art.  you are all amazing~

 i think i'm in love with plaster.

this is the cover to the book i'm making with plaster.  i can see why judy and stephanie go on and on about it and now i totally get the obsession with plaster.  
i made a smaller square book cover too.......
i've yet to put them together and haven't done the encaustic layer yet, but was so excited that i wanted to share.  i've been obsessed with book-making lately and this is just one more medium to add to the mix!  


the surf has been so much fun and the water feels great.
  i have been loving getting in the water with my girls.  the month of may can be a little
tough at times.....the anniversary of my mom dying.  but we get through with love and laughter, 
a big serving of memories, good times in the water and an unbelievable gratitude for family and friends.
AND birthdays!!  

fresh key limes for my friend libby's key lime birthday pie.
hagan did the lime squeezing....lots of them!  

AND she made the graham cracker crust.  
extra butter and crumbs and lime zest on top!

hagan loves birthdays as much as i do....and as i was finishing up the painting for libby, i got 
a little side tracked and the pie dripped in the oven, the center fell and the
 house started to smell like smoke.   
but i really liked how the collage turned out!!

all in all it was a perfect day and the pie tasted good....even thought it looked pretty bad.  (i should have taken a picture....)

bittersweet that may has come and gone, but i welcome june with open arms!!!


the memories keep me afloat.  
too many to share.
too much to tell.
it's all in my heart.
that's good enough.
memories are worth more than anyone can know.
never alone.
never alone.
never alone.
i will always have memories.

brenda kay croom
august 23, 1944- may21, 2008