Thursday, May 26, 2011

stay open~

~me and misty at art and soul~

YES, i asked her to sign my book.........
i have to admit that i wondered if it was cheezy to ask for an autograph....(i've never been one to ask for autographs).  but she IS one of my all time favorite artists and i just did it! 
 of course misty is so gracious and wrote a little note on the front with no hesitation.  AND she didn't mind my friend (paparazzi)  taking a few photos either.  this was my first art retreat AND my first time ever leaving my girls for more than one night at a time........(they are 12 and 14).   how lucky i am to have had the opportunity to take a class with misty.  i already felt pretty spoiled taking an on-line course with her, which was amazing by the way!  but meeting her in person was fabulous.  i love that she is so generous and sharing with her gift and that she is so genuine and unpretentious.  her workshop left me inspired and open to create from the heart and to trust myself and embrace where i am as an artist.
that's what this is about.....staying open.  i think that sometimes we get caught up in where someone else with their art ....what they're doing and where they're teaching.....etc.  that we lose sight of our own accomplishments.  sometimes it's hard not to compare, or not to question ourselves or to think that we're not good enough as artists, so we shouldn't put it out there.  thanks to misty and her encouragement both in her on-line class "stretching within" and her class at art and soul, i have moved on from the negative thoughts that sometimes clutter my brain.  this is such a good feeling.  from now on i will stay open to saying YES.  to making it happen and knowing that i am on the path i'm supposed to be on.  my journey is uniquely my own and i will embrace each part of it.  i love this community and all of the artists that share their stories, their art, photos....heart and soul.  this is where i want to be and i'm happy to have finally arrived in this place of no fear and staying open to all the possibilities.......

 your heart is your compass......follow it~


  1. What a beautiful post!! I took Misty's online class and loved it and will get to take a class from her this fall at Art and Soul in Portland. I'm so glad your first art retreat was a wonderful experience. It's so nice to meet kindred spirits at those. I'm working on being more open too - I'm new to painting, so it's hard not to be critical of myself, but I'm working on it!!

  2. sweet sentiment, nice photo :)