Sunday, May 22, 2011

embracing the sweet memories

yesterday. ... 3 years since my mom died.  it doesn't seem like 3 years.  it seems like yesterday.
it was beautiful.  i spent the day at the ocean with my family and friends. 
 the sky was vibrant and lovely.
the waves were so much fun.  we surfed all morning. 
 we played and laughed and had a 
perfect day.  the memories are sweet and i am loving on the memories.  this is what keeps
me going.  sweet memories and my beautiful family.  

"i have a million memories of you, whispering to be seen when i need them the most.  they are all tucked safely inside my heart and they will be there forever.  i lost you dear soul, but you live on in me and in my daughters.  they know you still and know you that you will always love them. this bond that you created will never be broken. meet me by the sea, i will wait for you there, i will feel you when the wind blows and the waves roll gently to the shore. i know that you are always near."


  1. What a wonderful, heartfelt and tender blog post. Your words touch me! xoxo

  2. i understand your feelings...and am sending you love and light. may your love for your mother be carried by the winds of the sea. xx s