Wednesday, April 13, 2011

inspired by the sea

to the ocean i love,

thank you for always being there.  
i can come to you any time and feel better.
you lift me up.
i truly am grateful to you.  you are beautiful, powerful and gentle.
i say prayers for you when i am with you.  when i am in the presence of 
your beauty, i pray that we (all of us) take care of you.  
you gift us every day with your graceful waves and the endless motion.
i come to you for fun and i come to you when i'm sad.
you are always there no matter what.  
you bring me inspiration and remind me how blessed i am to be here.
thank you for always being the constant in my life. 

i promise to always treat you with kindness and respect. 
you are love~

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ART AND SOUL ~anticipation~

YAY for art workshops!!!

i can't believe it's almost here~  art and soul is right around the corner.  i signed up months ago....the minute i saw that misty mawn was teaching!  i loved her on-line "stretching within" course and can't wait to take a class with her in person. my friend melissa manley (metalsmith artist) is riding with me and will take misty's class with me. while she's teaching her classes i will also take a class with jesse reno and l.k. ludwig.  it's so exciting to finally meet them all in person! 

next week is spring break and i'm headed to ocracoke with my girls for a few days and then to art and soul the following weekend. 

i've been working in my studio on some new pieces and have new items in my etsy shop.  hoping that this burst of energy will hang around for a while!

have a great, creative week.  :) 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

~grace is a gift~

me and ellie

i'm back~  
when i'm away for too long, i start to ramble.
a week ago a beautiful father and son were riding their bikes on river road and were hit by a drunk driver at 9:30 in the morning.
the dad, (ronald doolittle) died at the scene and the son,
 (trey doolittle)was in critical condition and died the next day. i didn't know them personally.  i had only seen them around the beach....they were surfers too.  my niece and other teenagers in my life knew trey.  he was 17 years old and a senior in high school.  it's amazing what an impact this has had on our community and how someone you don't even know can be so heavy on your heart.  of course, being a mom, my heart goes out to his mom and i can't stop thinking about what she must be going through. when things like this happen it touches so many people in so many different ways, but the one thing i think it does to everyone is to remind us of how blessed we be grateful for each moment...and that we never know when our time will come. 
yesterday there was a paddle out for the two of them.  it was a beautiful way to honor and remember them. 

just before paddling out and getting in a circle, the surfers put on their leashes and
grabbed a flower to toss in the ocean.  they all paddled out, said a few words and then rode some waves in honor of two people that will never be forgotten.

grace is a gift....

bye for now